Friday, April 19, 2024
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Con-Elco case study - Jonas
April 2, 2024

Con-Elco Group Case Study


Watch how Con-Elco transformed their multi-company operations to attain automated multi-company accounting, operational efficiency, and accurate cost reporting and data integrity. 

Con-Elco Group of Companies, one of the leading utility contractors in Ontario, Canada serves developers, home builders and utility companies such as Enbridge, Rogers, and Bell Canada. To better support their customers, they also have other ancillary businesses, which include home building, a recycling operation, and other infrastructure branches. 

Con-Elco started using Jonas in 1989, until about 2005 when they moved to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As the company grew, they realized the software was not meeting their business’ operational needs. They needed construction software that would connect their field and back office operations, manage their multi-company accounting requirements and improve efficiency across their entire company.

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