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June 7, 2019

Childhood curiosity prompts school-wide field trip to construction site in Steinbach

As reported on, the 240 Students of Niverville Elementary School were allowed to indulge in their curiosity yesterday morning.

For the past few months, Threeway builders has been developing a gas bar directly across from the school. Project Manager Alan Klippenstein says the schoolchildren could often be seen glued to the fence during recess and watching his crew’s every move.

“The principal had noticed that all of the kids were lined up against the fence and staring at the construction site,” he explains, “so she asked if we could give the kids a closer look.”

Klippenstein notes that the students seem to take a particular fascination with their heavy machinery and the large hole they were digging for the gas tanks. Beyond merely giving the students a closer look, Klippenstein took the opportunity to teach them about safety.

“Construction safety is a big deal and we want to make sure everyone is aware of why it is important.”

During the brief, 15-minute long, rotating tours, Klippenstein would highlight the various safety vests, hard hats, and other equipment his fellow workers were wearing.

To explain the function of steel-toed boots, he simply extended his leg and allowed the young students to jump on his foot as hard as they could.

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