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May 7, 2018

Chapman Brothers Construction plans to build an asphalt plant in Charlottetown

Chapman Brothers Construction is planning to build an asphalt plant in Charlottetown just north of Sherwood Road and Mount Edward Road — pending public consultation and rezoning.

Right now, most of the property in question is zoned for low-density residential use.

“A family is going to own this business,” said real estate consultant Brian Gillis, the spokesperson for the project.

“They come from a rural area in Souris. They have a strong commitment for preserving and protecting the environment and that’s a cornerstone of their plan for this site,” Gillis said. 

Gillis explained the 21-acre site was chosen because of proximity to approved trucking routes, it is adjacent to an existing asphalt plant and it is located in an industrial part of the city.

Some neighbours are concerned about the proposed project including Warren Phillips, who owns Phillips Auto Sales on the Sherwood Road.

“The smoke and pollution from the vehicles going in and out, and the dust and dirt — it’s got to devalue your property,” Phillips said, adding that he’s also concerned about environmental issues that could arise from dirt and noise levels.

Gillis explained that “state-of-the-art” technology will be used.

“This is a brand-new plant,” he said.

“It has the ability to recapture significant amounts of the particulates. They get vacuumed into what is called a bagger and do not leave the plant. The same with respect to the gases that are used in combustion. They get re-circulated and re-burned,” Gillis said.

“Every measure that can be used to make this an environmentally-appropriate technology has been built into this plant.”

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