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September 12, 2018

CALÉO, a Le Groupe Maurice project attains LEED Silver certification from U.S. Green Building Council


SAINT-LAURENT, QCSept. 11, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – After opening its doors on July 1 in Boucherville, the CALÉO residential retirement complex is the first private seniors’ home in Canada to earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification.

“This distinction, which makes me extremely proud, is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green buildings. It represents Le Groupe Maurice’s commitment to making CALÉO a place to live and work that is as stimulating as it is environmentally friendly, without disrupting the functional and esthetic aspects of a seniors’ home,” said Luc Maurice, President of Le Groupe Maurice.

During the 19 months of construction work on the CALÉO project, Le Groupe Maurice made sure to use the components needed for the retirement home to meet high environmental standards.

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The following achievements helped it earn the credits needed for LEED Silver certification:

  • Promotion of the development of transportation electrification with electric vehicle recharging stations on site.
  • Units are equipped with water-efficient WaterSense-certified appliances, which will save 20% on water for all the units in the complex: close to 1 million litres saved every month, or the equivalent of four Olympic-sized swimming pools every year.
  • The building’s energy efficiency is calculated and reaches the target of 17% savings on energy costs (compared to the ASHRAE 90.1 2007 standard).
  • Increased thermal comfort in the units thanks to heat pumps in each room so that heating and cooling needs can be met precisely and efficiently according to the season.
  • The LEED credit for best air-tight performance was obtained, guaranteeing reduced air leakage as well as less noise and smells between units.
  • LED lighting throughout the building. The energy savings is between 70 and 90% compared to incandescent lighting products.
  • Reduced risk of water damage in the units: All washers are equipped with a floor drain and construction details prevent leaks in the units.
  • Vinyl Floorscore®-certified flooring guarantees low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.
  • Proximity to many community resources and Vincent d’Indy Park: no need to have a car for daily activities.
  • Landscaping: arable soil layer used as fill under the landscaping.

About LEED certification
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a voluntary program that provides an approach for designing, building, managing and rating high-performance buildings. This rating system is recognized as the international hallmark of excellence for sustainable buildings in more than 132 countries. It aims to encourage sustainable construction methods, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, water consumption, heating, etc.

About Le Groupe Maurice
Since 1998, Le Groupe Maurice has contributed to improving the life of retirees throughout Quebec by developing, managing and designing new residential solutions that promote a life of freedom and happiness for today’s elderly, and for future generations as well. Luc Maurice and his team have a philosophy: provide retirees with an ambiance characterized by freedom and creativity, and a luxurious quality of life. This way, the person remains the focal point of their actions as they foster the personal growth of their residents. To do so, the company continues to make strides in development, innovation and excellence. For more information, visit


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