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May 25, 2019

Built Green Canada Q1 Newsletter 2019

Built Green Canada is pleased to share our Q1 Newsletter for 2019 with the visitors, readers and members of Construction Links Network. You can read more here.


Jayman BUILT leads the way as first homebuilder in Alberta to include solar panel system on every home

All Jayman BUILT single-family homes to include more than $15,600 of sustainable upgrades, including solar panels standard

On January 22, 2019, Jayman BUILT unveiled its 2019 Core Performance package, making the Alberta-based homebuilder the first in the province to have a solar panel package standard on every 2019 single-family home. This initiative is a testament to Jayman’s continued leadership in the home building industry in Alberta while saving consumer dollars and increasing resale home values.

Built Green Canada offers a number of points related to solar through the Energy & Envelope section of the home certification programs. Program points can be earned for solar-ready design, for installing an active solar hot water heating system or a photovoltaic electrical generation system like Jayman has done. Further to this, in the programs’ Business Practices section, projects may earn points for using green energy (such as solar) during the construction of the home and/or in the builder’s office and show homes—and more.

Jayman’s new 2019 Core Performance package offers:

– Six-panel solar package in new homes at no extra cost;

– Navien-brand tankless water heater;

– High efficiency furnace;

– Heat Recovery Ventilation system, which purifies the air in the home every three hours;

– LED lighting;

– Triple pane windows;

– R-50 attic insulation and R-20 basement insulation;

– Exterior foundation wrap.

Jayman is leading the industry with its sustainability practices: 75 per cent of raw materials in a Jayman home are locally sourced, more than 37,000 metric tonnes of waste materials from a Jayman home have been recycled and low flow fixtures have saved more than three billion litres of water since 2002.

Solar panels have been proven to increase overall resale value of your home, as well as prevent up to 1.2 metric tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year. All Jayman BUILT homes use 31 per cent less energy than the average home and are 20 per cent better than building code. Homeowners can see savings of more than $800 annually based on these energy efficient standard inclusions. Every single-family home includes $15,600 in energy efficient upgrades at no additional cost to the customer.

“The decision to make our homes more sustainable was not only to add value to our customers, but to show environmental leadership in our industry. It is every individual and corporation’s responsibility to take steps towards a more sustainable future,” said Jay Westman, chairman and CEO, Jayman BUILT.

“We have been leading the industry in new home construction and are proud to step-up and lead the way in sustainable practices. We have raised the bar, yet again with our complete solar panel package on every new 2019 single family home.”

In addition, Jayman is also introducing the Gold Key Service, Home Maintenance for Life program to its valued customers, knowing that not all home owners have the time or feel knowledgeable enough to complete home maintenance tasks. Annually, as part of this new service, a Jayman representative completes a 128-point inspection of the customer’s home, maintaining the various components. This service offering also includes 24-hour emergency dispatch and is available to consumers for the first year for $375, providing home owners with the peace of mind now and for years to come.

For more information on Jayman BUILT homes and the communities they support, visit



Upward Construction Earns Innovation Points on Waste Management

In West Vancouver, hillsides are made of solid rock, so excavation is at times a necessary task for builders that can be both environmentally and financially taxing. On a recent project, Upward Construction tried something new that would result in a substantial reduction in fossil fuels and heavy trucks on the road—along with savings. They would successfully submit this practice for Innovation Points through the BUILT GREEN® home certification program.

With these points, Built Green Canada encourages innovative sustainable building practices above and beyond what is contained within its programs—its in part, what keeps our programs progressive, as we recognize that those on the ground doing the work are often the ones learning and finding new ways of doing things. Based on the significance, improvement, and measurability of the innovative practice, the organization’s Technical Standards Committee considers it for points that go towards the project’s certification level. Submissions may also be considered for adoption into the following year’s program checklist.

Upward Construction offers custom homes, multi-family homes, and renovations in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Vancouver Proper. For this project located in West Van, they had to blast into the hillside, and then large pieces of rock were hauled to a dump site 50 km away (and up to 120 km away); however, this time around, Upward had their contracted excavation company bring in a rock crusher to be set up just 1 km up the road from their project. The device is attached to the arm of the excavator and allows them to crush these large pieces into gravel—switching between a shovel, hammer, and crusher, and requiring just one crew member.

Meanwhile, this sustainable solution was of benefit to not only Upward Construction but to other builders in the community who were able to utilize the crushing site with their own excavation waste.

While necessary, these trucks are loud and contribute to air pollution. By employing the crusher near the construction site, Upward Construction was able to greatly reduce the number of large, heavy trucks on the road and their resulting emissions. Before factoring in the emissions saved from other builders in the community that used their crushing site, Upward’s decision would eliminate an estimated 250 hours of trucking, also reducing the financial burden to them and their customers.

Beyond the financials, this approach offered a real benefit to the environment: again, minimizing the number of trucks on the road (saving fossil fuels), reducing infrastructure wear and tear (a burden taken on by taxpayers), while increasing the safety of local roadways.

Kudos to Upward Construction’s innovation—this effort showcases their leadership in making ethical, sustainable decisions that make good business sense.

As a result of their submission, the 2019 BUILT GREEN® programs now include a new checklist item in the Waste Management section—5.6: Onsite crusher to reduce vehicle miles. Crusher must be sensitive to neighbouring properties.



Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North’s Build Going Through BUILT GREEN® Certification

During the first quarter of 2019, Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North (HFHOGN) connected with Built Green Canada on an innovative project in the District of Parry Sound. Residents of the Village of Pointe au Baril, with support from the Township of the Archipelago, are taking the lead on creating affordable housing opportunities. Working with Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North, the Point au Baril Adopt-A-Home Project team are building a high-performance home to be sold to a local family.

HFHOGN will manage the process of family selection with support from local community members, support the family during the build and purchase process, and provide a nointerest, no-down-payment mortgage. The family’s monthly payments will be geared to 25% of income and include principal payment and property tax portions. The family must meet criteria of the home ownership program, including ability to pay the mortgage, willingness to partner and provide volunteer hours to the project, and the family must currently be living in need.

The home will be built largely by volunteers recruited from the seasonal village, Shawanaga First Nation, and educational and business communities. The building plans support community green energy conservation programs offered by organizations like the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, Canadore College, and the Ontario Electricity Program.

Key features of the build project include double wall construction, insulation levels with an R34 floor, R50 walls, and R90 ceiling, triple-glazed windows, energy efficient appliances and heat sources, net zero ready, fire smart construction and landscaping—recognized as part of Built Green’s resiliency checklist items. The goal is to have the project certified through Built Green Canada.

Meet Our 2019 Board of Directors

Built Green Canada held its Annual General Meeting with business, including elections to our 2019 Board of Directors:

Congratulations to Lance Floer for his re-appointment to Chair of the Board—this is unprecedented service and reflects his uncompromising commitment to sustainable building practices. After serving as long-term Director of the Board, alongside Builder Representative to the Technical Standards Committee, congratulations to Bill Patterson on his second term as Vice Chair. His tremendous knowledge and expertise continue to be valued, alongside his support of practical builder applications.

This will be Dave Krasman’s third term as Treasurer-Secretary. His enthusiasm and commitment are to be applauded, as well as his support for new innovative features. Thanks to outgoing Board member Carl Lauren for his passion and candour, as well as to David Adair, our outgoing Immediate Past Chair, for his steadfast commitment to Built Green and to them both for their advocacy work on behalf of the organization. These Board members will be missed.

Welcome to new Director, Jeff Gallant, Vice President, Construction at Highstreet Ventures. Highstreet has certified the most High Density projects in our history, and we are thrilled to see Jeff taking another a step forward—onto our Board.

Thank you to all Directors on our Board for their commitment to sustainable building and to Built Green Canada, each a market leader and valued contributor.

 Greener Homes’ BUILT GREEN® Platinum / Net Zero Home Built For Aging in Place

Lethbridge custom homebuilder, Greener Homes, recently completed a BUILT GREEN® Platinum / Net Zero home with an impressive line-up of accessibility features. One of the homeowners is currently using a walker and is expected to be using a wheelchair in the future, so the home was designed and built with this in mind.

The stairs are more narrow, allowing the person to support themselves with handrails, while all doors are at least 36 inches wide with very low thresholds for easier mobility. Meanwhile, all layouts considered how much space would be required to comfortably navigate spaces in a wheelchair. This includes the ensuite vanity as well as a portion of the kitchen where their client will be able to prepare food on a lowered counter. The kitchen even features handy pull-down shelves.

Further preparation for the future is seen in the framing, which is elevator-ready—a closet fills that space now, but when the time comes, the homeowner will be able to convert the space, avoiding a major renovation.

Between the home being BUILT GREEN® Platinum / Net Zero and age-in-place, these homeowners will never have to worry about moving again, and can live comfortably and independently throughout their retirement.



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