Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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November 18, 2023

BuildOps and Mike Tyson announce Tyson for the Trades Initiative

BuildOps, the only all-in-one management software built specifically for the modern commercial contractor, announces the rollout of Tyson for the Trades—a joint effort between the legendary Mike Tyson and BuildOps on a shared mission to inspire job seekers across the country to explore and pursue meaningful careers in the trades.

There’s a growing problem looming within the trades. 68% of tradespeople are over the age of 40, and a large part of the workforce is marching towards retirement at a faster rate than can be backfilled. Tyson for the Trades seeks to address this challenge proactively by providing information, resources, and opportunities for those interested in embarking on a future-proof, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career within the industry.

“This is a pervasive problem that touches nearly every commercial contractor within the industry,” said CEO of BuildOps, Alok Chanani. “We wanted to create a new way to inspire job seekers to find opportunities as HVAC specialists, electricians, plumbers, or anything in between. We’re proud to partner with Mike Tyson to elevate this issue and close the labor gap.”

Mike Tyson, renowned heavyweight boxing champion turned dedicated advocate for the trades, shared his enthusiasm about this collaboration. “I have real admiration for the tradespeople who work hard keeping our systems running smoothly,” he said. “With the help of BuildOps, we can give people access to the right training to open doors and even unlock their potential to create a better future for themselves and their families.”

Tyson for the Trades is also proud to partner with We 2 Matter to help bring trade scholarships to formerly incarcerated women looking to develop new skills and re-enter the workforce. The program seeks to sponsor 4-year apprenticeship programs through esteemed partner schools accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, along with the United States Department of Labor.

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