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May 21, 2019

Building Smart: Introduction to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

This seminar is part of the “Building Smart by Designing for People” series that focuses on creating healthy, safe, adaptive and enriching living environment for building occupants.

How do People Respond to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)?

IEQ is an integrated study of an occupant’s response to the built environment. That being one’s ability to sense and perceive the quality of air, thermal, sound, light, odors and vibrations. It also includes a study of imperceptible elements such as asbestos, radon or CO. Through the efforts of academia and governments, and programs such as the Well Building Standard, Living Building Challenge, Active House and Passive House, IEQ is being positioned as a leading subject matter due to associated impacts on the health and wellness of people.

This seminar will provide participants with a basic understanding of how people sense, perceive and respond to indoor spaces and why this influences such things as learning, productivity and health.

About the presenter

Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)  is a registered engineering technologist in building construction and a professional licensee in mechanical engineering. He is president of Indoor Climate Consulting Inc. and director of Bean is a past, two-term ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and the recipient of ASHRAE’s Lou Flagg Award and ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. Currently, he serves ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee (SSPC) 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, and Technical Committees 2.1, Physiology and Human Environment; 6.1, Hydronic and Steam Heating Equipment; 6.5, Radiant Heating and Cooling, and 7.4, Exergy Analysis for Sustainable Buildings. He is an instructor for several industry associations and institutes, and has developed numerous courses related to the design of buildings, indoor climates, and radiant-based HVAC systems. His motto is, ” All design is human factor design: Design for people – good buildings follow.”

Head to the BC Housing page for more information and to register


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