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April 25, 2019

The Brains Behind River & Fifth Condos

The River & Fifth Condos is undoubtedly one of the best condo projects currently under works in the newly urbanizing neighborhood of Toronto’s Downtown East. This neighborhood has a lot to offer because the City Council has approved the revitalization plans for the eastern end of the GTA.

A project depicts a lot of aspects of the working brains behind it. Fortunately, River & Fifth Condos is in the hands of one of the best architects and developers of the country. The design of this condominium project has been created by Graziani & Corazza while the developer of this project is Broccolini. These two are one of the most prestigious names in Canada’s real estate.



River & Fifth Condos – The Building

River & Fifth Condos’ original design featured a twin tower when the plan first appeared back in 2014. However, Graziani & Corazza had to make a few amendments to this design because of the rezoning by-laws and in 2017 only one tower reached approval. The tower rises from its podium. An appeal for the rezoning of this project is on its way to the City Council.

As per the City Council’s approved plan this condo project will feature 38 stories. There will be a mechanical penthouse. This penthouse will also feature some additional suites. There are four stories in the base of this building while the mid-rise stricture features 11 stories. Its ground floor will house twelve 2-storied townhouses.

The townhouses will face the Defries St on the southern end. Because of a park, this building will part its way from Labatt Ave. The building will house more than 550 suites. Its entrance will feature a landscape view and will also anchor these structures while the 2-storied lobby will also share this space.

Broccolini – The History

The developer has won the Best Office award from 2015 Best of Canada Design. It has also earned LEED certification in the year 2002. Broccolini has featured in the list of Top 40 Canadian Contractors during the years 2015 and 2016 as well.

Donato Broccolini started back in the late 1940s and his sons also joined him later on. In the 1970s, the company shifted its emphasis from the residential sector to industrial and commercial projects. This initiated the expansion in the real estate too. For many projects that stand today, Broccolini invested in the land. Since that time, the company has seen a never-ending growth.

Controlling the development and constructions aspects of River & Fifth Condos, Broccolini will make sure that the building is fully equipped with all the amenities at their best quality.

Past Projects by Broccolini

Broccolini has worked for many big names including the likes of Encore Spice, STS Systems, Bariatrix, Mitchell-Lincoln, Domtar and Sanmina SCI, Wawanesa, and Loblaws. In addition to that, the developer has also partnered with Costco, GE Hydro, Wal-Mart, Silverstar (Mercedes-Benz), Nordx CDT, Maxi, Weinstein, Future Cavendish Mall, and Molson Coors.

Graziani & Corazza – The History

Graziani & Corazza needs no introduction because the architectural company comes has a proven track record. They have been involved in the designing and development of several projects and have garnered critical acclamation for themselves. Their primary focus has always been creating designs that stand the test of time.

They heavily rely on developing a collaborative relationship with their partnering firms as well as the clients. It enables them to maintain the project outcomes positive. Due to their long history, Graziani & Corazza have been able to acquire memberships of different alliances and associations in the country.

Past Projects by Graziani & Corazza

Some of the successful gigantic projects from the architect are Aura, Carling & Preston, College Park One, YC Condos, Lago and Vita on the Lake. Their tall projects include the 85 Redpath, 45 Railroad St, Couture, Auberge on the Park, Fly Condos, 70 High Park, 21 Hillcrest, Max Condos, Neon, and Nautilus. Furthermore, there are a number of medium and small-scale, commercial, institutional and community-based projects that Graziani & Corazza have graced with its aura and style.

Wrap up

River and Fifth Condo location has so much to offer because you can have access to a number of facilities and services that are just around the corner. This region is also a good option for those who want to travel to other parts of the city as well because there is an array of transit options also available. The good thing is that the project is in the hands of professional builders.


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