Friday, April 12, 2024
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June 28, 2021

Bentley-Nvidia integration could streamline U.S. infrastructure overhaul

Bentley Systems has forged several partnerships that make it easier to share realistic construction simulations with a broader audience. This goal is to help drive the adoption of digital twins across the construction industry.

Most recently, Bentley, which has been a leader on the technical side of modeling infrastructure, extended its digital twins platform to support the Nvidia Omniverse ecosystem. This builds on other recent partnerships with Microsoft to enhance support for the Azure Digital Twins Platform and extended reality tools. Integrations into these platforms should make it easier to share realistic models across more stakeholders, including decision-makers, engineers, contractors, and citizens affected by new projects.

These moves could also help streamline the design and rollout of a $1.9-trillion US infrastructure overhaul proposed by the Biden administration. The Bentley software is, for example, part of the State of Minnesota’s plans to save over $4 million a year using Bentley’s tools to improve the inspection and documentation of over 20,000 bridges. The recent Bentley partnerships with Microsoft and Nvidia should extend these capabilities more cheaply across more participants.

The Nvidia partnership will provide a graphics pipeline for AI-enhanced real-time visualization and simulation of infrastructure digital twins. Realistic simulations have typically required high-power workstations. Nvidia Omniverse can do the heavy lifting in the cloud, which could extend the ability to view engineering-grade, millimeter-accurate renderings on various devices in the office, in the field, or in the homes of people affected by a project.

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