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November 30, 2018

This Australian housing model platform builds homes in 15 days

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The time it takes to build a brand new home has been dramatically slashed, with a new housing concept launching in Sydney’s north-west.

‘Heuga’ is the brain child of 33-year-old Sydney builder and entrepreneur Dean Willemsen, whose platform is expected shake-up Australia’s construction industry.

“Heuga is a collaboration of people within our industry who are really aiming to do things differently and put the customer at the centre of the home building process,” he told 9News.

“We’re moving away from a traditional house-builder model, using a lot of off-site construction techniques to limit the amount of time on site and number of defects and really make it an all-round better customer experience.”

Currently on-par with the cost of a tradition home build, Heuga is expected to become cheaper once the concept expands.

“Advanced economies such as Japan, Finland and Norway are already utilising these models with great success, but in Australia we are lagging behind.  I’m simply introducing this system to this market” Mr Willemsen said.

Once customers settle on the 3D design and finishes of their new home on an app, all the bits and pieces are created at a factory in Albury, before being transported to the building site.

“On-site, we start with a bare concrete slab and it takes just 15 days to complete the external shell, roof and water-proofing. Locked up. All completed in 15 days,” Mr Willemsen said.

“Typically, this process takes four months, we’ve knocked it over in 15 days.”

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