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November 24, 2021

Assessing Environmental Risks in Construction

Protecting our environment and working towards sustainability have become near-universal values, and the design and materials used in our “built environment” have made great strides. But what about the construction phase itself? A new facility might be designed to LEED Platinum or Gold certification, but is the environment being damaged during the time between groundbreaking and commissioning?

For Graham, protecting the environment throughout the construction lifecycle is a key priority – on the site and in everything we and our subcontractors do, purchase, utilize, install or dispose of. The environment is of great importance to us because we care about our natural world and the impact our actions of today will have on future generations. While environment is one of three pillars in our overall Sustainability program – social and governance make up the other two – it is also an important category of risk management. Graham retains and employs the experience, technical expertise, personnel, equipment, processes and above all the sincere commitment to achieve a high level of environmental protection from project award through to commissioning. 

Prior to project award, the bidding team identifies potential environmental hazards. Upon award, the team prepares a project-specific environmental management plan, embedded into Graham’s Health, Safety & Environment Management System. In a design-build contract, environmental considerations are included in the design and cover the planned facility’s construction methods, materials, landscaping, etc. The project owner’s specific environmental rules or requirements are also incorporated. 

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