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November 5, 2018

Army engineers build bridges and community spirit with Lennox Island

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Snowmobilers will have no issues traveling the trails of Lennox Island First Nation this winter, thanks to soldiers of the 4 Engineer Support Regiment.

As part of the NIHILO SAPPER 2018 exercise, the Horizontal Construction Squadron specializing in roads and bridges set up their satellite camp on Lennox Island Saturday. They plan to repair and rebuild damaged walkways in the next two weeks.

“We’re building a satellite camp, which allows my troops (44 people under my command) to gain valuable training in camp building and engineering construction, as well as provide the service of improving the trail system on Lennox Island,” said Lieutenant Jim Ryan.

“I have a priority of tasks that include getting our camp established, so that we have a living and working area, and then we will begin improving the walkway system,” he continued.

Walkways will be widened, for easy maintenance throughout the year by community members, and two severely damaged crossings will be torn down and replaced with two new non-standard bridges.

“Today we will meet with some members of Lennox Island to walk through the site and confirm exactly where we want everything set up and once our camp is 100 percent completed, construction will begin,” said Ryan.

The hands-on technical training ensures members of the Immediate Response Unit can pack-up and be deployed within a period of 12-hours if a disaster strikes in Atlantic Canada. And the Disaster Assistance Response Team can be deployed internationally within 24-hours.

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