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Toronto retrofit2
August 31, 2022

Applications for Toronto’s Deep Retrofit Challenge are now open

The Deep Retrofit Challenge (the Challenge) is a competition-style program funded by the Federal Government, which will support deep retrofit projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in approximately 10 to 16 buildings in Toronto.

Participating buildings will receive a grant equal to 25 per cent of their total project costs up to a maximum of up to $500,000 (depending on gross floor area and building performance) to offset the incremental design and construction costs required to achieve maximum emissions reductions. The selected projects will serve to demonstrate the deep retrofits needed to move buildings towards net zero emissions, with the goal of accelerating market adoption. Buildings are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto today, generated primarily by the burning of fossil fuels for heating and hot water.

The City is committed to ensuring that the application process is fair and transparent. All questions submitted to the City about the Challenge and the responses provided will be available via the Questions and Answers document on this web page – see below. All meetings will be hosted by the City via webinars. These webinars will be promoted via this web page and email to past webinar registrants, our Partners, and other City channels. City staff cannot meet privately with parties interested in participating in the Challenge before application approval.

To be considered for the Challenge, buildings must be located within Toronto and be an Ontario Building Code Part 3 building (i.e. greater than 600m2 or greater than three storeys). The following building types are eligible to participate:

  • Multi-unit residential buildings (including condominiums, apartments, etc.)
  • Commercial office buildings.
  • Mixed-use buildings (residential and commercial, including residential over commercial).

The Challenge will serve as a catalyst to accelerate deep energy retrofits in support of the City’s Net Zero Existing Buildings Strategy, which together with the City’s TransformTO Net Zero Strategy aims to reduce emissions from buildings and all other sectors in Toronto to net zero by 2040.

Download the application here. The deadline is October 31, 2022

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