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March 4, 2018

American Biltrite introduces rubber floor tile utilizing new Nfuse technology

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada – Today American Biltrite announced an industry breakthrough which changes the paradigm for pressed rubber floor tiles. American Biltrite ABPURE® rubber flooring tiles with its new Nfuse technology are ready to use right out of the box. What this means is that once installed the floor does not require any costly and time consuming set-up to be ready for occupancy.

While there are sheet rubber products that are occupancy ready American Biltrite is the first to develop an occupancy ready pressed rubber tile.

Jean-Pierre Benoit, General Manager and Senior Vice President stated – “Our culture and commitment to innovation through sound ongoing R&D efforts once again sets American Biltrite apart from other rubber flooring. This patent-pending technology which required a multimillion dollar investment sets the bar for rubber flooring performance.

During the manufacturing process this patent-pending treatment enables the floor to be ready for use immediately following installation.

  • ABPURE® occupancy ready rubber flooring tiles are extremely durable with proven performance against: soiling, staining and scuffing
  • This unique treatment significantly reduces installation downtime
  • Thereafter due to this treatment the floor is easier to clean and maintain
  • ABPURE® occupancy ready rubber flooring tile are Declare “Red List Free”

John Kronemeyer, Vice President of Flooring stated – “This major technological breakthrough will set the standard for rubber flooring for the future. No longer does the installer have to treat the floor tile product after installation; this not only reduces the cost but also the time”. As a special introductory offer through 2018 there will be no premium for this product.

Effective immediately this technology will be applied to all ABPURE®
products, (sheet and tile).


About American Biltrite

American Biltrite develops, manufactures, and brings to market a wide range of commercial flooring and performance sheet rubber products. With over 100 years of product design and manufacturing excellence, American Biltrite is
renowned for its technical expertise, product innovation and exceptional customer service, with an extensive network of distribution centers in nearly every region of the Americas. For more information on American Biltrite products, call 1-800-479-0190 or visit


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