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September 6, 2019

ActiveConversion Blog Share: The Secret Leading Companies Use To Get 10X More Leads From Their Media Advertising

Top industrial companies know that marketing is the key to growth – but they also know they can’t waste time or funds on campaigns with limited ROI.

For too long, companies have been left to guess the true value they’re getting from their ad spend. With reports limited to impressions and clicks, they don’t know if their ads are being viewed by CEOs in their target market or students on the other side of the world. This means they’re left placing blind faith in the publications they advertise with – which, frankly, is a terrible way to do business.

So what are these industry-leading organizations doing to identify their most effective campaigns and subsequently turn their ad spend into actual qualified leads?

The secret lies in technology.

Technology has altered almost every aspect of our lives, so it was only a matter of time before it penetrated the world of media publications.

From programmatic advertising to advanced analytics, advertisers are able to use technology to transform their advertising from a brand awareness tool to a lead generation engine.

Companies that have invested in lead generation technology for their advertising have on average seen a 10X increase in the number of qualified leads they receive from their advertising spend.

How can you start leveraging this to achieve your own success?

But, let’s be real – you didn’t just click on this blog to be told other companies are outperforming you. You came here to find out how you can start implementing what they’re doing to drive growth in your own business.

Advertise in the right publication.

While many people’s first thought is to advertise in the publication with the largest readership, that isn’t always the best strategy. For industrial companies, it’s often more effective to buy advertising space in publications with industry specific-content targeted to a niche audience.



While there may be fewer eyeballs on your advertisement, the eyeballs you do receive will be far more qualified. Take, for example, a person reading an industrial oil and gas engineering publication. Chances are they work in the oil and gas industry – because really, why else would they be reading it? So if you’re specifically targeting oil companies, you’re likely going to reach a lot of people in your target market by advertising with that publication. Now compare that to advertising in a more general publication. They may get the same number of impressions and possibly even clicks, but many of those impressions won’t qualify as potential leads.

Advanced reporting & analytics.

One of the most obvious ways to get more value from your advertisements and content in media publications is with advanced reporting and analytics. However, the definition of advanced reporting changes from publisher to publisher, so it’s important to determine exactly what is included.

Static reports

One option that a publisher may provide is a static lead generation report. These reports may simply state the companies that interacted with your brand or may include everything from the full name, title, company, and business email of subscribers that clicked your advertisement or read your content. Obviously, the full details are more appealing to advertisers as it provides deeper insight into exactly who showed interest.

While static reports are valuable, they are still limited in terms of identifying what happened post-click. Did the subscriber click on the ad and then exit out of your website right away? Did they stay and explore your content? Did they come back later? Basically, are they actually showing purchase intent?

These are all questions whose answers would dramatically improve your ability to qualify the lead. That’s where conversion software comes in.

Conversion software.

Conversion software gives advertisers the ability to see lead attribution and follow the journey of leads as they travel through the sales pipeline. ActiveConversion, the leading provider of conversion software in North America offers a unique advantage to advertisers as it offers integration with specific industry publications. This integration allows advertisers to automatically identify subscribers visiting their website from the media publication. From there, they can see when the lead returns and are automatically notified of the best time to reach out.



In case you didn’t catch it – this is the secret.

ActiveConversion is how leading industrial companies are transforming their advertising into tangible, qualified leads. Conversion software gives advertisers the ability to see the leads that are clicking your ads and then showing continued interest by engaging with your brand or exploring your website.

Why is conversion software better than a static report?

B2B sales cycles tend to be far longer than their B2C counterparts. In B2C scenarios, an advertisement in a publication can turn into an immediate purchase. Take an advertisement for some sunglasses as an example. An ad could be clicked and an order for the glasses could be made in minutes, if not seconds. But comparatively, if the advertisement is for expensive industrial heating equipment, chances are a sale won’t be made until weeks or months after the initial ad click.



This delay between click to purchase makes it incredibly difficult to determine attribution and overall ROI of industrial marketing campaigns.

52% of advertisers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration.

Source: Adobe

ActiveConversion takes the guesswork out of determining which campaigns are actually working by providing detailed reports on lead activity from initial click to final purchase. That way you can tweak your marketing spend to invest more in your top ROI activities and cut spend where the value is limited.

Getting started.

So there you have it, the secret behind getting 10X more qualified leads from your advertising spend is conversion software. It’s an easy way to get ahead of your competition and grow your business. Want to learn more? Reach out to ActiveConversion to find out which publications we integrate with and how the system works.




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