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August 28, 2018

8-storey wood office building proposed for East Vancouver


A large undeveloped site immediately south of VCC-Clark Station and west of the Monument for East Vancouver, better known as the ‘East Van Cross’, is set to be transformed into a mass-timber office building for an unnamed health sciences company.

Canadian design firm DIALOG has submitted a development application to the City of Vancouver to redevelop the site at 2102 Keith Drive – the northwest corner of the intersection of Clark Drive and East 6th Avenue.

The proponent envisions about 125,000-sq-ft of office space within a 117-ft-tall, eight-storey building that can accommodate up to 1,235 workers. Only 141 vehicle parking stalls are proposed, with the expectation that many office workers will take transit given the building’s adjacency to SkyTrain.

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There are some constraints on the site given that the southeast corner is occupied by the statutory right-of-way of a Metro Vancouver truck sewer, which resulted in an angled building design for the south face to match the obstruction.

As a result, the buildable footprint of the lot is about 23,500 sq. ft. – just 60% of the entire lot.

As well, the first floor of the building is integrated into the site’s sloping grade to create a building that “emerges” from the landscape.

Office workers will have access to an open-air roof deck amenity space with planting, urban agriculture, and views of the mountains and downtown skyline.

While this will be a mass-timber building, the structure is anchored by two concrete cores that also contain the emergency staircases, elevator shafts, and space for utilities.

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