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December 12, 2017

7 careers in the trades that are in demand in Canada now

With 67 per cent of Canadians facing an average of $22,084 in debts after graduating university – and only 49 per cent actually working in jobs that require a university degree according to CareerBuilder – sometimes exploring other career avenues may be a viable option.

One area of the job market that is currently in demand, however, are jobs in trades.

“The job market is good and we are seeing a growth in demand from employers for trade jobs,” Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada, says. “Demand in general contractors on Indeed, for example, increased 111 per cent since 2016. This could be attributed to the strong housing and condo boom in major cities across Canada,”

Another thing to consider, Kasten says, is that as a society, we need tradespeople.

“Their work impacts nearly every aspect of our lives,” she says. “They help build and maintain the homes we live in for example, and people will always need an electrician for electrical work or a plumber for plumbing work.”

And if you’re analytical and good at problem-solving, these jobs will be right up your alley, Kasten says.

Math skills are also important and so are soft skills as you’re often dealing with clients and suppliers to complete a job, she adds.

“Many tradespeople are also their own boss so business acumen, drive and a passion for your work and helping clients is essential.”

So what trade jobs, in particular, are in demand at the moment? Kasten reveals the top seven based on Indeed data.

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