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March 3, 2020

6 ideas for marketing your construction company

When it comes to marketing for the construction industry, whether you’re building homes or doing B2B sales as a commercial construction company, you need to be promoting yourself through all marketing channels.

New customer acquisition is key to growing businesses, and yours is no exception. It doesn’t do any good to excel at account management if you’re not bringing in new accounts to manage, so you need a sales and marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Developing a new marketing strategy will take some work on your part, but it’s an absolute must. Below, we’ll discuss six strategies to take your construction firm to the next level.

Top 6 construction marketing ideas

  • Determine your budget first
  • Figure out your niche
  • Put some effort into your website, social media
  • Partner with charities
  • Get involved with local schools
  • Closely monitor your marketing campaign

What to consider when marketing your construction company

Construction companies can be pretty old school and often don’t pursue traditional marketing methods, but a business is a business, and a lot of the marketing strategies will be the same for you. You can’t neglect marketing and expect to bring in new clients at a high enough rate to grow your business.

However, there are three considerations unique to construction firms you should keep in mind before putting together your own strategy.

Branding is essential

Many construction companies underestimate the importance of branding, but just like any other business, you need people to recognize you. You need to put some money into developing a real logo that you can put on equipment, your website, advertising, business cards, and anything else people see that is associated with you.

As a construction company, you’ve got a lot of surfaces you can advertise on, from the structure itself to your equipment to your trailer, so make sure your logo and company name are highly visible everywhere. If you use cranes, that’s an even better opportunity to make sure everyone in a mile radius can see your logo.

Be smart with your spending

You need to come up with a detailed marketing strategy before you start buying ads, or you may be wasting money with no real return on investment.

For example, as a construction company, you shouldn’t just be buying a bunch of search engine ads for keywords targeting people searching for help with a project, because they may be nowhere near your location and therefore you can’t serve them.

By identifying your target customer and coming up with a specific strategy to target them, you are more likely to be successful.

Consider account-based marketing

Instead of running around trying to find as many leads as possible, many of which may not be a good fit for your company and therefore will never be your customer, one of the best digital marketing tips you can take advantage of is to try account-based marketing.

Basically, you need to identify target companies or accounts and market specifically to those leads with a more personalized campaign. This is an especially good approach for construction companies that rely more on good relationships with customers.

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