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November 22, 2018

5 ways that 3D printing is changing the global construction industry

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The 21st century is emerging as the 3D age, and it’s no wonder that the once novel technology has found its way into the corporate realm. 3D printers have been around since the 1980s, but only recently has the global production world taken notice. The applications for use in construction seem self-explanatory, since building something from basic materials is what the construction business does.

Despite the obvious benefits of printing materials in-house, 3D printing machines provide a wealth of applications beyond reducing the length of a supply chain. Multinationals are implementing the technology at a fervent pace, seeing the benefits that 3D printing can have on their bottom-line.

Reduced Supply Costs

China-based 3D printing construction company WinSun “expects 3D printing will save construction companies up to 50 percent on the cost” of building a house. This could prove to be a lifesaver for construction managers with access to this technology and could lead to increased competition within the construction field. Competition means lower prices for consumers, which could mean a shift from a rental to an ownership mindset.

Global Development

Often as automation and mechanization rise, prices drop. 3D printing is an affordable way to create housing for the impoverished in need of adequate shelter.

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