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March 28, 2019

4 townhouse builders announced for Edmonton’s Blatchford development

As reported on Global News, the first four builders for phase one of Edmonton’s sustainably designed Blatchford neighbourhood has been announced: Encore Master Builder, Mutti Homes, Ocheller by RedBrick, and Carbon Busters.

But living at the former airport-turned-residential neighbourhood won’t come cheap: starting prices for the townhomes range from $490,000 to $600,000.

Each will have a private backyard and back-alley access garages capable of having garden suites over them.

The city said the four builders share the city’s vision for “high-quality, architecturally designed sustainable buildings.”

The city said the builders have incorporated additional sustainability features, such as secondary basement and garage suites to increase housing options and affordability, and additional amenities like rooftop decks and accessibility features.

Tegan Martin-Drysdale, president of RedBrick, said she’s been waiting a long time for a development like this to come along.

“This has been many years in the making. I have dreamt of creating a housing line that was sustainable and use a lot of natural Canadian materials,” she said, adding Blatchford’s values align with the types of properties she wants to build.

She said they are marketing the townhomes to young professionals who want to be close to downtown and live a transit-oriented, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The home builders are now selling units with construction scheduled to begin this year. It was hoped residential possessions would begin in 2019, however, construction would have had to begin in 2018 for that to happen. Martin-Drysdale said she has been pleased with the process of working with the city on the project.

“These things to take time, and I’m glad that the city has actually taken the time to do it right, and to make sure that they have everything in place. And they do, I’m impressed,” she said.

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