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October 2, 2018

After 3 years, Capital Pointe developer announces plans to continue construction at Regina site

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After three years — and $14 million out of the developer’s pockets — the Capital Pointe hole is finally set to begin construction.

Or so the developer claims.

Neil Abbott, counsel for WestGate Properties Ltd., told Global News the developer chose the first option put forth by the Saskatchewan Accessibility Standards Appeal Board: complete the project.

“Obviously, my client was not inclined to fill it — that was the whole reason we opposed the order to comply,” Abbot said.

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The 17-metre deep hole, located at the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue in Regina, was dug to provide five storeys of underground parking for what was to be a 27-storey building. Work on the project began in 2015 but stopped in August 2017. The city and Westgate have been in a legal battle over the fate of the property.

On Aug. 23, the appeal board said the developer had until Sept. 30 to choose between one of three options for the site: complete the construction project; construct permanent shoring; or decommission the project and backfill the site.

“The election to proceed with building it is not a recognition that the site is unsafe, rather it’s a decision our client has made, and they’ve expressed their interest in completing the development of the site,” Abbott continued.

The decision to complete the build comes with certain timelines set out by the board. WestGate will need to create a new temporary shoring design, and apply for excavation permits by Oct. 31 and work on the new shoring must be underway no later than Dec. 8.

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