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April 26, 2018

12-storey residential building in Esquimalt to be built with timber modules

A 12-storey, 83-unit prefabricated residential building at Constance Avenue and Admirals Road was given the green light by Esquimalt council after a public hearing this week.

The Corvette Landing project will be the second-highest tall-timber building in the province next to the 18-storey Brock Commons student housing at the University of British Columbia.

Edmonton-based Standing Stone Developments is marketing the condominium units ranging from studios to three-bedroom units to buyers earning between $68,000 and $72,000 a year.

“We see a community that’s aging, but at the same time getting younger,” said Standing Stone’s Troy Grant, adding the building will meet the needs of young and old, singles, couples and families.

In an interview, Grant said there are a number of elements that will make this project special.

“It’s modern. It’s sustainable construction. We’re taking concrete out of the equation for a large part of this which ends up making it much more green than any other construction,” Grant said, noting concrete fabrication is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases.

“As the project is passive-house certified “the livability of each of the homes is greater than it would be otherwise. That makes it special. Because it’s so air-tight and efficient, the operating costs of the building make it sustainable for people to buy and live and enjoy,” Grant said.

“It’s very exciting,” said Mayor Barb Desjardins. “This having the full passive-house certification as well with modular-like construction means that it will come on line and it will be incredibly environmentally friendly.”

Corvette Landing, to be built next to CFB Esquimalt, steps back from five storeys abutting Constance Avenue to 12 storeys adjacent to Admirals, forming the shape of a “U” surrounding a central courtyard. The tall-timber complex is to be built using engineered wood materials assembled off-site and will feature external corridors, rooftop terraces and an inner courtyard.

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