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September 3, 2018

10 Reasons Why Green Building Can Save Money


Green construction has become one of the most popular trends today. Sustainable building typically means using environmentally friendly materials and construction methods. Green construction is popular with many consumers as it can save in energy, Co2 emissions, and landfill waste. However, these benefits are just the basic ones to consider. To get an idea of why so many people are interested in green building, here are some of the motivations behind this movement.

1. Save on Water and Energy

Sustainable building almost always leads to increased efficiency. Over time, the low energy and water usage can lead to significant savings. Owners of sustainable buildings can save up to 30% of their energy and water bills. For business owners, this savings can affect their company a great deal.

For start-ups and smaller to medium businesses, saving money is a top priority. For companies that may have debt, being efficient with their resources becomes a top priority. The need to save money is one of the reasons why so many people are seeking debt consolidation Canada. Although green building is only one option, it can make a difference in monthly costs.

2. Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Buildings don’t last forever, but green buildings will typically last a little longer. For example, a good roof should last for around 20 years, but a green roof will last usually twice as long. This not only saves a significant amount in repair and replacement costs, it benefits business employees who won’t be affected by construction work.

Green roofs usually are made from permeable asphalt, paver blocks, or concrete. They allow water to seep into gravel and soil which decreases the more traditional drainage infrastructure.

3. Increased Job Satisfaction

For green buildings that are used for business purposes, studies show that employees are affected by this building design. Office workers have a preference for nature near the work place and most are interested in eco-friendly solutions. Green building often incorporates plant life into the building construction and in the landscaping around the building. Employees will also appreciate their company’s interest in green building.

4. Reduced Landscaping Costs

If the building is in an area that receives a fair amount of rain, runoff is a consistent problem. Not only is runoff bad for the area, it also washes away topsoil and can damage the landscaping around the building. Green building is designed to not only ensure water runoff is managed, it also uses local vegetation in landscape design.

Using plants designed to soak up water and prevent runoff can help save in landscaping costs over time. Not only will the topsoil not need replacing as often, the area will keep up appearances with minimal work. Going green in this way is the smart choice.

5. Improved Customer Loyalty

If the building is a business, going green can mean a great deal to your customer base. With an increased interest in how they spend their money, consumers are more interested than ever in businesses that align with their values. Green construction is one of the simplest but more effective ways to let customers know that you care about the environment.

Companies that start with green construction or move into a green building can advertise this to their current and potential customers. Not only will this help increase customer retention, it’s a great marketing tool to use.

6. Reduced Flood Damage

Although flooding is always a serious problem, small floods are common with ranging severity. Small events are usually mitigated by green infrastructure as it is designed to improve water drainage. Even a few small floods can cause significant infrastructure damage with traditional construction. Going green will reduce flood damage costs and can increase property values as well.

7. More Livable Communities

Green building doesn’t just apply to businesses. It can be used in residential homes as well. Not only does green living benefit the environment, it also improves the quality of life for people who live in them. Most green communities are scenic and valued by the people who call them home. The benefits of building green communities are numerous which is why many commercial construction companies will put in the extra time and effort.

8. Lower Crime Rates

Also more relevant to homes and neighborhoods, research indicates that green buildings are correlated with lower crime rates. Not only is there a lower rate of graffiti and vandalism, even littering is less of a problem when it comes to green designs. For building and home owners who want to live in a safe and clean environment, this factor should be considered. Even when controlling for other factors, simply being in a green area made a difference.

9. Increased Retail Sales

Similar to customer loyalty and marketing, companies who work from green buildings can also charge more for their products and services. Retail customers are willing to pay anywhere from 8-12% more for products that come from eco-friendly companies. For companies that may want to improve their profits, going green is the smart choice.

10. Increased Rent and Property Values

Keeping the value of the property stable over time is a key motivator for many homeowners. Having green construction and landscaping for a home adds to the property value over time. For buildings that may be rented, landlords and rental companies can charge a higher cost for their apartments. Since they are more desirable, residents are usually willing to pay a higher cost.

Rental rates for office buildings also see a boost in cost. Not only can owners charge more for rent, they also save money on utilities, helping to bring in higher profits for them. It’s not surprising that both commercial and residential buildings have higher rental rates when you consider the numerous benefits.

With the documented benefits of green construction, it’s important to consider the complete picture. Recognizing the real-world benefits of green construction can help developers, homeowners, businesses, and more on a daily basis. Going green isn’t just a good choice, it’s beneficial for these ten reasons. People today see these benefits and make green building a priority.


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