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New Integrated Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment System from HSI a Vital Element In BESIX’s Digital Leap Forward

Oasis, BESIX, HSI logos

BESIX and HSI release digital QHSE Application Globally

Developing Safety and Culture via Technology is the Keystone in the Construction Industry’s Digital Transformation

The key to our success was we were able to build a system that is just better than any other process our employees around the world were using, so they wanted to adopt it.”

— Jonathon Harford, Enterprise Applications and BI Manager at BESIX

FRISCO, TX, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 / — BESIX, a global construction company, was in dire need of digitization. Moving from a scattered process made up of clipboards and paper, Excel spreadsheets, and a handful of single-purpose digital tools, to a single, state-of-the-art integrated system to manage quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) around the world was daunting.

However, the longer the old system remained it became clear that a change was necessary. BESIX is a global company managing hundreds of complex projects, involving thousands of people, using many languages, but it was being held back by its old ad hoc system. The BESIX leadership team knew that the old system was itself a safety risk, so the decision was made to move to an entirely integrated digital system.

“As is the case for all large businesses, changing an enterprise system is a big deal. The temptation to put it off can be great. However, because we were dealing with our QHSE system there was an overwhelming imperative and internal support to act on it,” said Pimmie Aendenboom, QHSE Manager, BESIX.

Finding the right system became the next challenge. The requirements were demanding but the thinking was that this change had to be generational and without compromise.

The system had to handle the many different types of projects that BESIX undertook around the world, which also meant it had to manage different legal environments and languages, while still offering real-time reporting for project teams as well as to the head office in Belgium.

Equally important was that employees in any location had to find it easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to configure for their project’s needs, without having to create new forms or processes. The QHSE team knew that workforce engagement was vital to the new system’s adoption and ongoing use, so confidence here had to be extremely high.

The starting field of possible vendors was 11, which quickly became eight, and then a final three. After rigorous analysis, testing, and discussions, HSI’s QHSE system ticked all the boxes.

The HSI platform meet all the firm technical requirements, it also offered a high level of flexibility, with some elements mandatory and others optional depending on each project’s unique environment and circumstances.

BESIX has now implemented the new platform, which it has named OASIS as a metaphor for streams coming together, a place where people gather, and where lives are saved. The results are impressive on many levels.

Most importantly, nearly everyone is using OASIS. It sits on 277 projects and locations in Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East and Africa. It is being used by more than 1,800 people in English, Dutch, Portuguese and French, with no compromise to content formats and processes. Subcontractors are also engaged in its use on projects.

“The key to our success was that we were able to build a system that is just better than any other process our employees around the world were using, so they wanted to adopt it,” said Jonathon Harford, Enterprise Applications and BI Manager at BESIX.

At implementation, OASIS had 18 modules, including unique capabilities like incident management, quality management, communication & training events, and sub-contractor engagement. While 18 modules is impressive, more modules are on the way and there have been more than 230 requests to further optimise modules. Such requests illustrate how engaged employees are with the system, and configuration is highly manageable since the platform is entirely no-code. The system was built based on roles, and to improve processes for employees at every level. As a result, there have been no instances where employees had to revert to old processes.

Apart from the technology, BESIX saw incredible value in the expertise that the HSI team delivered throughout the preparation stage and during implementation.

“When a firm the size of BESIX moves to a fully-integrated, real-time QHSE system it fundamentally changes the game. So we leave nothing to chance; we do not expect anyone to know the system the way we do, and we recognize that the transfer of our expertise and know-how is critical to seeing an enterprise system adopted at the level it needs to be, especially in the QHSE environment,” said Jose Arcilla, President and Chief Operations Officer at HSI.

The OASIS system is providing additional advantages to other parts of the company. OASIS is helping BESIX win new contracts as clients are impressed and assured by the pro-active safety, risk management, quality control, and ESG data the firm can now showcase.

“Managing risk is the most important function of the OASIS system. We set out to not just digitize our processes, but to overhaul how we think about risk management,” said Alexis Laroche, Corporate QHSE Director, BESIX. “Risk for us includes on-site safety, of course, but extends to health, security, social, environmental and quality concerns. With this solution, we are now equipped to further drive our way of working and culture. The system from HSI is critical to the continuous improvement of our performance by connecting people. This has become a cornerstone of how we operate, from the CEO, to on-site employees, to contractors, and our clients. But we are not done; we have a vision and a future roadmap, and know we can grow with this system.”

BESIX is a leading Belgian group, based in Brussels and active in 25 countries and on 5 continents, in the construction, real estate development and concessions sectors. BESIX Group has been active since 1909, its ionic achievements include Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels as well as the Grand Egyptian Museum, on the Giza pyramids plateau. The Group’s engineering department enables BESIX to carry out complex and unique projects, especially in terms of technical and environmental aspects.

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