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Mogul – Invest Like a Mogul: Bridges the Gap Between Effortless Wealth and Bold Aspirations

Explore high-yield opportunities in virtual real estate investing with’s exclusive investment platform. it’s a revolution in the real estate investment sector, we provide our members with the opportunities to engage in real estate, backed by institutional-quality research.”

— Alex Blackwood, CEO and co-founder of

WASHINGTON, DC , UNITED STATES, May 24, 2024 / — In a time when access to premium investment opportunities often seems gated by high barriers to entry, continues to set the standard for online real estate investing. As one of the country’s top real estate investment clubs, continues to redefine access to premium real estate investment opportunities. Founded by a team of former Goldman Sachs investment professionals, provides a platform where individual investors can have access to fractions of high-quality, single-family rental properties.

Through, members can invest in real estate with the same sophisticated strategies that have historically been exclusive to the wealthiest 0.01%. The platform provides a rigorous property selection process, ensuring less than 1% of reviewed properties are approved, guaranteeing only the best investments are offered.

“ is not just a platform; it’s a revolution in the real estate investment sector,” said Alex Blackwood, CEO, and co-founder of mogul. “We provide our members with the tools and opportunities to engage in real estate with confidence, backed by institutional-quality research and analysis.” utilizes a fractional ownership model, where properties are bought, owned, and managed through an LLC, making it easy for investors to buy and sell shares without the complexities typically associated with real estate investment. This approach simplifies the investment process and provides scalability and accessibility to investors who might otherwise be unable to enter the real estate market.

Investors at benefit from monthly dividends, tax advantages, and governance rights, alongside the potential for significant asset appreciation. Furthermore, the upcoming feature to sell shares on a secondary market promises to enhance liquidity, allowing investors to manage their investments more dynamically.

As a leader in virtual real estate investing, emphasizes community and connectivity among its investors. These clubs allow members to share insights, network, and collectively enhance their investment strategies. is committed to expanding its reach and improving its platform, continually adapting to the needs of modern investors looking for smart, strategic real estate opportunities. For more information about how to become part of’s investment platform, please visit

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