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Minds & Machines: Dominating the Convergence of AI and Strategy

Minds and Machines: AI in AEC

Minds and Machines: AI in AEC

Learn AI for AEC firms at Kansas City and Chicago symposiums

Raise your AI IQ. What’s next is now!”

— Kristin Kautz, FSMPS, CPSM

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 / — Zweig Group will deep dive into AI integration and operations for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms. These immersive seminars and workshops equip AEC leaders and managers with understanding, insight, and intelligence to identify and act upon AI opportunities within their organizations.

AI to a marathon that never ends. Walk, run, or sprint, but take the first step to getting in the race. This training provides a high-impact, hands-on learning experience that is designed to help emerging and current leaders be at the forefront of the AI technological revolution. AI is not a trend or fad, it is a fixture. AI is here to stay.

Module 1 – AI 101               
Overview of AI and its potential applications in the AEC industry. What is it, how does it work, why now, and how is it going to impact AEC firms? 

Module 2 – Data Privacy, Security, and Ownership in AI Applications/Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI Adoption                    
Discuss the challenges and best practices for ensuring data privacy and security when implementing AI systems in the AEC industry. Address concerns related to data collection, storage, sharing, ownership, and compliance with contracts, NDAs, copyright, and relevant regulations and laws.

Module 3 – Innovative Tools: Illuminating AI Applications in AEC       
Module 4 – Project Management               
Explore specific AI tools and strategies to be optimized in project management.

Module 5 – Data. AI. Advantage.
AI is expected to transform knowledge work across industries … yet most organizations are still becoming familiar with the new technology. To gain some grounding in the face of overwhelming change – we’ll start by looking to history for a lesson in how General Purpose Technologies tend to matriculate through established industries. This methodical approach that helps organizations define and prioritize opportunities to extend competitive advantage by leveraging AI. This approach has been cultivated over fifteen years of helping organizations plan for, build, and realize value from AI-based solutions.

Module 6 – AI Ideas Shaping Business Fundamentals             
AEC industry data and trends; Keeping an eye on value even as AI dominates the discussion.

Module 7 – Firm-Wide Operational Shifts        
As we move from the weeds to a bird’s-eye view, we’ll take some time to think bigger and better. How can and should AI impact organizational charts, billable/utilization rate, fees, business operations, and professional development (training/education)? How can people be more creative, productive, and efficient when they shift from reactive to proactive by embracing AI throughout their daily workflow?

What’s most important is that from this symposium, the audience will begin to solve the most challenging AI issues and how to specifically take advantage of the opportunities that will benefit AEC firms.

Attendees will have time to work through business use-cases that focus on leading an AI initiative In their firm that overcomes fear and uncertainty and addresses AI integration, growth and success, recruiting and retention, upskilling staff to close competency gaps, and enhancing staff and client experience.

At the conclusion of this training, attendees will leave with an AI draft plan, an abundance of understanding about AI, how to successfully lead the implementation of AI at their organization, and key business insights to bring back to their firm.

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