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Miami/New York Private Equity Firm London Park Global Advised by Frederic Sealey Targets Purchase of a UK Football Club

Frederic Sealey

Real Estate Development at the Forefront to Boost Jobs and Global Fanbase
Time; London: 5:22:03 AM
ET Eastern Time UTC -5:00 / -4:00 Mon, 12:22:03 pm

The strength in business is and always will be predicated on core values of creativity, ethics, morals, and responsibility. We build as a community and we strive as a family.”

— CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) LPGS – Frederic Sealey

CITY OF LONDON, LONDON, UK, May 14, 2024 / — London Park Global, a distinguished private equity and activist investment consortium, is an American-based corporation helmed by the esteemed senior board member and renowned Chief Strategist, Frederic Sealey. It is currently initiating an exploratory mission with immediate fervor to identify and acquire a preeminent English Premier League Football Club within the calendar year of 2024.

Since the zenith of the pandemic, there have been several notable high-profile acquisitions. (i) Newcastle United: In October 2021, Newcastle United was acquired by the Saudi-backed Public Investment Fund (PIF) in a £305 million deal. (ii) Bournemouth: In December 2022, Bournemouth was acquired by a United States consortium led by Bill Foley, the proprietor of the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team, for £120 million. (iii) Chelsea: In May 2022, Chelsea was divested by the sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich to a consortium led by American businessman Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital for £4.25 billion. (iv) Manchester United: In May 2023, they announced a deal to sell up to 25% of the club to British businessman Jim Ratcliffe.

Frederic Sealey, whose career flourished in the early 2000s through his direct involvement in negotiating and finalizing deals with global consumer brands as premier sponsors in the motorsports industry, notably encompassing the Indy Racing League, Formula One, and Nascar, later ascended to eminence in private equity investment strategies and complex capital debt structures. The immediate process has already been initiated, and the declaration by London Park Global aimed to bolster its European Real Estate holdings. With the substantial impact of arena and stadium construction, it provided a timely opportunity for London Park Global, under the astute leadership of its CSO Frederic Sealey, to curate a portfolio of redevelopment opportunities that would culminate in the construction of a master plan communities that would consist of hospitality, mixed-use, multifamily, office, and retail structures surrounding a professional sports stadium. This overarching concept has become increasingly pivotal to the American Success plan within the NFL (National Football League) market.

Regarding the construction cost held at the Emirates Stadium (home to Arsenal F.C.), various estimates suggest a total cost of approximately £390 million ($560 million), covering the stadium itself and associated infrastructure developments. Further breakdowns reveal that the stadium’s construction alone cost around £430 million ($600 million), with the overall project, including housing and other infrastructure, totaling around £800 million ($1.1 billion). Financing involved £260 million ($370 million) in debt through bonds and loans, with an additional estimated £60 million ($85 million) for the upgrade of nearby Holloway Road station. Moreover, other football clubs like Brentford Football Club and West Bromwich Albion Football Club are also pursuing mixed-use development plans, emphasizing residential, retail, and leisure components, aligning with the trend of enhancing stadiums with surrounding mixed-use structures for greater community integration and economic development.

London Park Global, under the astute guidance of Frederic Sealey (majority based in Miami FL), is currently in the process of evaluating three specific banking institutions to handle our debt structure. Barclays Bank, HSBC, and NatWest are among the institutions being considered for this pivotal role. Meanwhile, London Park Global leverages its in-house syndicates of high net worth American businessmen, renowned for their wealth amassed in the profession of industrial and advanced technologies.

The potential acquisition of a Premier League football club by London Park Global would mark one of the largest transactions in the league’s history, surpassing Todd Bohley’s acquisition of Chelsea for £4.25 billion.As we near the final stages of selecting our target, several clubs have emerged as strong contenders for our desired wishlist. Among these clubs, Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and West Ham United F.C. have caught our attention with their well-organized operations and dedicated fan bases. London Park Global sees an opportunity to amplify their success by providing additional capital and resources.

Recognizing the immense potential within the football landscape, particularly in nurturing talent from grassroots to elite levels, London Park Global places great emphasis on organizations like IMG. Through their focus on early-age development across various sports including English Football, tennis, and American football, IMG is building a generation of extraordinary athletes. This dedication aligns perfectly with our vision of creating vibrant communities around each club.

Led by CSO Frederic Sealey, London Park Global is expediting the acquisition process, aiming for a targeted date of August 1st, 2024, to be under a binding letter of intent (LOI). Concurrently, reputable sports legal groups such as Loeb & Loeb and Proskauer Rose LLC, etc. are being contemplated for legal counsel oversight within the European region.

The tremendous growth of English football’s global fanbase, particularly in the US, is a testament to the sport’s universal appeal. The increasing prominence of franchises like the MLS and MLS Next Tour, directed by Charles Altchek, underscores this growth. As talent continues to flourish in community parks and elite academies like IMG, London Park Global sees an unparalleled opportunity for investment and growth.

London Park Global and its team are moving swiftly to build communities, fostering an environment of business and commerce that creates jobs, careers, and reinforces local assemblage of a devoted fanbase. This strategic approach, underpinned by Frederic Sealey, Brian Winters, Christopher Mitchell, and others, emphasizes our deep commitment to the sport and its fans. With a focus on respect, loyalty, and love, we are poised to continue to reshape the landscape of English football while integrating real estate with the excitement of the sport on a global scale. London Park Global will expedite the selection process to ensure our program to fortify the largest mixed-use master plan real estate structure to be announced by the end of summer 2024.

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Miami/New York Private Equity Firm London Park Global Led by Frederic Sealey Targets Purchase of a London Football Club