Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Timescapes Canada

Date Listed June 20, 2022
Company Timescapes Canada
Phone 905-407-2611

Timescapes connect construction teams with real-time visual data that makes their lives easier, safer and more productive by delivering a consistent, reliable record of site activity and progress. This is delivered through the intuitive Timescapes web-based platform using intelligent, high resolution cameras. 

Benefits of the Timescapes platform:

Creates a single source of truth by capturing factual evidence to support site activity at any point in time.

Tracks progress against project milestones by giving you the ability to check in on progress with real-time visual data and live time-lapse playback.

Enables you to be proactive and make faster decisions by empowering your team with live information to stay up to date

Gives you the ability to easily promote and build engagement leading to increased brand awareness and credibility by showcasing your achievements. 

  • Address : 407 Iroquois Shore Rd., Unit 8
  • City / Town : Oakville
  • Province / State : ON
  • Postal / Zip Code : L6H 1M3
  • Website Link :
  • Linkedin Link :
  • Facebook Link : N/A
  • Youtube Link :
  • Twitter Link : N/A
  • Vimeo Link : N/A