Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Massive 242-Acre Land Sale Unveiled Near Dallas-Fort Worth

242 acres land for sale near Dallas-Fort Worth Texas with utilities: water and electric

242 acres of prime land for sale near Dallas-Fort Worth: Unlimited potential”

Unrestricted Texas land for sale near major cities can be developed into tiny home community, RV park, replatted, mobile home park community, single family, or ranch

Unrestricted land for sale in Texas: Perfect for residential, tiny home, RV Park, or Mobile Home land development

No Zoning Dallas Fort Worth acreage for sale with development potential

Texas farm land for sale: 242 acres near major cities with no zoning restrictions and with agricultural exemption

Rural property for sale near Dallas 242 acres with road frontage

Rural property for sale near Dallas: 242 acres with over 1.25 miles of road frontage

DFW Metroplex real estate investment 242 acres in Opportunity Zone Rural property for sale near Dallas acreage with road frontage

Water Available and meters locked in DFW Metroplex real estate: 242acre land sale in Opportunity Zone

Opportunity to acquire Texas Land for Sale: 70 water meters on a sprawling 242-acre land parcel near Dallas-Fort Worth, with no restrictions for development

Water meters locked in on unrestricted land for sale in Texas? That’s a miracle! Unzoned land for developing residential, mobile homes, RV parks, Tiny Home Communities is nearly impossible to find.”

— Roxanne Marquis

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 26, 2024 / — Leading Dallas-Fort Worth real estate broker, Roxanne Marquis, is thrilled to unveil a significant land offering. Spanning 242.14 acres, this property is positioned as a prime piece of developable land , delivering a unique chance for expansive development in the bustling Texas real estate market.
Property Highlights:
• No Zoning: Tiny home community, RV Park, Mobile Home Park, mini ranches, lots, plat or subdivide for resale.
• Utilities: 6” water line, water meters locked in, and electric lines for electricity distribution along the frontage
• Location: HCR 4105, Covington, Texas
• Size: 242.14 acres of unrestricted land
• Roadfrontage: Over 1.25 miles of road frontage with upgrades
• Proximity: Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, Less than an hour to all three.
• Opportunity Zone: Rare OZ
Why Invest in HCR 4105?
This land for sale offers unparalleled flexibility and resources, making it ideal for residential, commercial, agricultural, or recreational development. Whether you are looking for land for sale near me, land sales near me, or cheap land for sale near me, HCR 4105 meets all criteria for a valuable investment.
Located in a high-demand area, this property is perfect for:
• Subdivisions: Ideal for creating new residential communities and platting into ranches, mobile home parks, RV parks or Tiny Home Communities
• Agricultural Ventures: Suitable for farmland near me and agricultural land for sale
• Recreational Facilities: Perfect for developing parks, RV parks, or mobile home communities
“This property represents not just land but opportunity,” says Roxanne Marquis. “For the savvy investor or developer, HCR 4105 offers the potential to create something truly impactful in a rapidly growing area of Texas.”
Key Features Include:
• Unrestricted Use: Freedom to develop as you see fit
• Utilities Ready: 8” water line and established electric lines
• Accessibility: Easy access to major cities and daily amenities
• Investment Potential: Located in an Opportunity Zone with potential tax incentives
Prime Location:
HCR 4105 is conveniently located minutes away from local schools, groceries, stores, and dining options. It is also within easy reach of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, making it a prime location for those looking for lands for sale near me or rural properties for sale.

Key Features of the Land Offering:

Utilities: such as water meters locked in by the current owner and a robust 6” water line along HCR 4105. Electric lines are also readily accessible, ensuring that developmental needs are met on the date of the land sale.

Zoning and Development Potential: With no zoning restrictions, this acreage of land for sale presents a versatile opportunity for a variety of projects. The unregulated land is undeveloped and has potential for residential development, commercial ventures, RV resort land, MF, or MHP land. The possibilities are vast.

Location: This strategic parcel, situated less than an hour from the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and Waco, has quick access to jobs and shopping major cities. With its proximity to Covington schools—a mere 4-minute drive—this location is ideal for residential or commercial development of single family lots for custom homes, RV Parks, or a Mobile Home Community.

Size: The property offers a generous 242.14 acres of land for sale, complete with essential utilities.

Market Positioning and Investment Appeal:
The land is in a region experiencing a significant population surge, underscoring its potential as a high-value investment. Positioned in an Opportunity Zone, it offers enticing tax benefits, enhancing its appeal to investors and developers.

Recent market trends highlight a robust demand for lands for sale, particularly those ready for development with utilities in place. This property stands out as an ideal location for rural properties for sale, aiming to meet the increasing demand for housing and community spaces in one of America’s fastest-growing areas (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas).

Economic Impact and Community Advantages:
The development of this land promises substantial economic benefits, including job creation and community development. Its transformation could serve as a catalyst for local economic growth, aligning with the needs of the expanding Dallas Fort Worth Texas area (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas).

To explore more about population growth, land demand, and Opportunity Zones in Texas, view these articles:

Population Growth in Dallas-Fort Worth: The North Central Texas Council of Governments reports substantial population growth in the region, with over 453,000 new residents since 2020, highlighting significant urban expansion.

Opportunity Zones and Tax Benefits: The following FAQ outlines the benefits of investing in Opportunity Zones, which include deferrals on capital gains taxes.

Market Demand for Developed Land: The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas provides detailed economic indicators showing robust employment growth and economic expansion in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Economic Impact of Development: the Dallas-Fed’s reports on job growth and economic indicators that show the substantial economic benefits, including job creation and community development that can be expected from the land development​

About Roxanne Marquis:

Roxanne Marquis is a renowned expert in land sales, known for her strategic acumen and commitment to bringing valuable real estate opportunities to the market. Her expertise in navigating the complexities of land real estate land for sale makes her a pivotal figure for investors looking to capitalize on Texas’s dynamic growth.

For more information about acquisition opportunities, visit or contact:
Roxanne Marquis
tel: 972-805-7587
Texas Broker: 0688184

For those searching “farm land for sale near me”, “land for sale near me” or “buy land in Texas”, this offering represents a standout opportunity to invest in a substantial and strategically located parcel of land, promising both short-term benefits and long-term growth.

Roxanne Marquis
+1 972-805-7587
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Land for Sale Texas No Zoning Acreage has Water. Electricity; Tiny Home, RV park, Mobile home park