Friday, June 21, 2024
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Jason Ruedy, President, CEO of The Home Loan Arranger notes longer listings, signaling a cooling market in Denver

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Jason Ruedy, President, CEO

Jason Ruedy

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Jason Ruedy, President, CEO of The Home Loan Arranger, points out that listings are staying up a bit longer, hinting at a cooler market in Denver

Listings are staying on the market longer, signaling that Denver’s once-hot housing market is cooling off”

— Jason Ruedy

DENVER, COLORADO , USA, June 11, 2024 / — Jason Ruedy, the President and CEO of The Home Loan Arranger, Colorado’s premier mortgage broker, has his finger on the pulse of the housing market in Denver, Colorado. Recently, he has noticed a concerning trend – listings are sitting on the market for longer periods of time. This is a strong indicator that the once hot housing market in Denver is now cooling off.

According to Ruedy, this trend could have significant implications for the real estate market in Denver. As properties sit on the market longer, it suggests that the demand for homes is decreasing. This could lead to a more competitive environment for sellers, and potentially even a drop in home prices. Ruedy believes that this is a crucial time for homeowners and potential buyers to pay attention to the market and make informed decisions.

In addition to the longer listing times, Ruedy also points out that homeowners may face additional financial challenges. With real estate taxes rising, homeowners’ insurance rising, and interest rates higher, it is important for homeowners to carefully consider their options. Ruedy advises homeowners to seek guidance from professionals and to stay informed about the changing market conditions.

As a highly respected leader in the real estate industry, Jason Ruedy’s insights and observations carry weight. His analysis of the current housing market in Denver serves as a warning to both buyers and sellers. The Home Loan Arranger is committed to helping homeowners navigate these changes and make informed decisions about their properties. With the market cooling off, it is more important than ever to stay informed and make strategic choices in the real estate market.

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