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Irish Epic Museum projects itself onto the world stage


Smarter Surfaces

Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint
High Contrast Projector Screen Paint

EPIC Museum using Smarter Surfaces’ Projection Paint Solutions

Discover how the EPIC Irish Emigration Museum used Smarter Surfaces’ projection paint and created revolutionising storytelling through projection mapping.

DUBLIN, IRELAND, May 13, 2024 / — The EPIC Irish Emigration Museum, one of Europe’s leading tourist attractions, located in Dublin Ireland has taken the visitor experience to new heights by integrating Smarter Surfaces’ cutting-edge surface technology in their 20 display galleries. This award winning immersive experience transforms the history of Irish immigration and its impact on global culture into a dynamic and impactful experience that leaves the EPIC Museum visitor enthralled. It is no wonder this experience has been the winner of Europe’s leading tourist attraction three times in recent years.

The EPIC museum had a unique challenge, how to tell the story of 1500 years of Irish immigration and culture in a way that could quickly catch visitors’ interest. In a world where the general attention span has taken a sharp dip over the years (according to researchers, the average attention span on one thing has dropped from around 2.30 minutes to 45 seconds) making history engaging and entertaining to visitors across different age groups is not simple. Moreover, the Museum is situated within a historical structure. So, preserving the integrity of the beautiful surroundings was a vital consideration, see the results in the EPIC video shared below.

To eliminate the limitations of the traditional projector screens and to deliver an uninterrupted visual flow of history across the galleries, EPIC Museum partnered with Smarter Surfaces. The Smarter Surfaces projector paint solution was introduced to convert exhibition gallery walls into expansive and high- definition projection mapping surfaces, without hindering the historical essence of the space. The outcome surpassed expectations, helping this Irish institution gain a more prominent position on the world stage.

Smarter Surfaces is a leading collaborative surface solution provider with a prominent presence in over 20 countries across the world. They have expanded beyond the boundaries of Europe and America to reach the buzzing markets of Singapore and UAE. Apart from museums and art galleries, several corporate giants, prominent educational institutions, and government agencies have partnered with Smarter Surfaces to bring life to their collaborative spaces.
Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint, a specialized projection screen solution from Smarter Surfaces, was used in this project. This paint is designed specifically to absorb a higher amount of ambient light, recreating deeper black levels for vibrant and crisp images with high contrast. The paint needs minimal upkeep and doesn’t yellow or deteriorate over time.

It was a perfect solution for the EPIC museum because of the ambient light conditions of the galleries, plus the ease of maintenance the solution offered, which was perfect for a place with considerable daily footfall. Also, the painted surface was ready to use in just 24 hours, which ensured quick project turnaround, and the galleries were reopened, ready to offer a revamped viewing experience, within minimal time.

For art galleries, studios, and museums, the Clear Projector Screen Paint is another high-valued solution from the same range. It is a transparent projection paint that doesn’t change the base color of the walls so you can have your projection screen in any color you want. It turns a normal wall or any smooth surface into a high-performance projection screen without interfering with the aesthetics or decor of the space. The paint is designed for uniform light reflectivity with low light interference and is an optimal solution for an ultra-high definition cinematic projection experience.

In an interview Sonia Bueno of Smarter Surfaces, commented— “The use of projection paint by EPIC museum is a great example of how technology can enhance the museum experience and give it an amazing uplift. By creating immersive environments that captivate all visitors irrespective of their age or interest, museums and art studios can foster a much deeper audience engagement, leading to a better understanding of the exhibits and promoting a love for learning.”

The use of high-definition projection screen paints in home theaters, gaming rooms, classrooms, and offices is gaining quick traction. Museums and art galleries can also reap noteworthy benefits from these advanced projection screen solutions, just like the EPIC Museum did.

Projection paints are effective and cost much less compared to large-scale traditional screen installations. They are customizable according to the specific requirements of a space. Paints don’t occupy floor space and there’s no need for storage or regular maintenance which are essential for any normal projector screen. Also, considering the impact it makes and the benefits it offers, the investment is minimal.

About the company: Founded in 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, Smarter Surfaces is a global brand serving a worldwide customer base for high-tech collaborative surface solutions. The brand launched its first signature product award winning Smart Whiteboard Paint in 2012, which is now the USA’s no. 1 product in the whiteboard paint category. Since then the company has covered a lot of ground and has established itself as a leader in the global market in collaborative surface solutions.

The brand’s dedicated R&D department focuses on designing advanced surface solutions to meet the multi-faceted demands of the quickly evolving market. Their solutions are available under three broad categories — Whiteboard range, Magnetic Range, and Projection Range, each providing several options for customized end results.

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