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Introducing the Land Tracing Feature in PowerForm™ Application

Starting and ending the land tracing process.

View of the traced perimeter displaying captured coordinate points spaced at defined intervals.

Cormant Technologies Inc. launches Land Tracing in PowerForm™. Users walk around the land’s perimeter and recorded coordinates are instantly displayed on a map.

TAGUIG, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, April 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cormant Technologies Inc., a leader in technological solutions, is excited to announce a new feature in PowerForm™ that will make managing land easier: Land Tracing.

The Land Tracing feature enables effortless monitoring of land areas by walking along the perimeter, while the system automatically records coordinates in real-time. Upon initiating the tracing process, users simply walk around the designated area, allowing the application to capture coordinates at specified intervals. The system then compiles these coordinates to create a complete representation of the user’s route, enabling users to visually display the traced perimeter on a map.

Key functionalities of the Land Tracing feature include:
• Real-time Coordination Recording: Users can begin recording with a single click on the start button, prompting the system to automatically capture coordinates at designated intervals as they walk along the perimeter.
• Comprehensive Visualization: The app provides a detailed visual representation by connecting collected coordinates with a line on the map, making it easy for users to see the traced perimeter and understand the covered area. Users can enhance the view by zooming in on the map to inspect the traced perimeter.
• Effortless Monitoring: Users can easily track progress and access important information such as the total covered area, last captured coordinates, and corresponding date and time.
• Redo Option: If needed, users can easily start a new session with just one click.

“Our Land Tracing feature makes tracing land areas easy,” said Ian Wilson, CEO of Cormant Technologies Inc. “It’s useful in agriculture, construction, and environmental management. It optimizes crop field borders, marks boundaries accurately, and assesses land well. It makes work smoother in all industries by tracking land efficiently with automated data collection, comprehensive visualization, and improved accuracy, ultimately facilitating better decision-making and resource optimization.”

About PowerForm™:
PowerForm™, developed by Cormant Technologies Inc., is a premier online form builder facilitating the development, publication, and management of online forms. With a user-friendly interface, PowerForm™ simplifies data collection, lead generation, and process automation for businesses of all sizes. Offering customizable form templates, unique branding options, and integrations, PowerForm™ is an ideal solution for enterprises seeking to optimize their data management operations. For additional information, please visit PowerForm.io.

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