Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia-Endorsed Candidates Win Important Seats on the Republican National Committee

Communications Director

Conservative activists from western Virginia make the long trip to Hampton, Virginia to the Republican State Convention and put candidates over the top.

We are delighted to be represented at the Republican National Committee by Morton Blackwell and Patti Lyman for four more years.”

— Gene Rose

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA, USA, June 11, 2024 / — Morton Blackwell and Patti Lyman won re-election to the Republican National Committee at the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) 2024 State Quadrennial Convention held in Hampton, Virginia on June 1, 2024. RPV Chairman Rich Anderson was unopposed and thereby keeps his seat on the Republican National Committee for four more years. Virginia’s other two seats on that committee were challenged. Incumbent National Committeeman Morton Blackwell was challenged by Tim Anderson and Incumbent National Committeewoman Patti Lyman was challenged by Jean Gannon. Patti Lyman won with about 52% of the vote and Morton Blackwell won with under 51%. The delegates from western and southwestern Virginia had to drive farther than the other delegates in Virginia to get to Hampton, but they showed up in sufficient numbers to get the Freedom Caucus of Western Virginia-endorsed candidates re-elected.
The next meeting of the Freedom Caucus will be June 22nd in Waynesboro, Va.
For more information, please visit our website at

Gene Rose
Republican Freedom Caucus of Virginia State PAC
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