Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Flagler Duval Converts Fleet to Electric with USA Supercharge, Inc. dba US Supercharge

A picture of an EV charger on a pedestal.

Flagler Duval e-station

Concerned with rising fuel costs, Flagler Duval transitions its fleet to Tesla electric vehicles approximately one year ago.

The conversion to Tesla has been life-changing, and I would never go back to a gas car”

— Jarad Derochey

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — Flagler Duval, a prominent Florida real estate brokerage and asset management firm, has successfully completed the conversion of its fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) in collaboration with USA Supercharge, Inc. This strategic move underscores Flagler Duval’s commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency while embracing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize its operations.

Concerned with rising fuel costs and the unpredictability of traditional fuel sources, Flagler Duval embarked on a journey towards sustainability by transitioning its fleet to Tesla electric vehicles approximately one year ago. Recognizing the expertise and innovation offered by USA Supercharge, Inc., Flagler Duval engaged the services of this esteemed affiliate to facilitate the transition.

The conversion process involved the installation of a state-of-the-art solar battery system, in collaboration with Tesla installation experts and Florida Supercharge, a certified electric contractor for USA Supercharge. At one of its locations, Flagler Duval installed two Tesla batteries and approximately 55 solar panels, powering two level two chargers for EVs. Additionally, chargers were installed at employees’ homes and office locations, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all stakeholders.

Utilizing the advanced Supercharge cloud software, Flagler Duval effectively monitored electricity usage at various locations, streamlining reimbursement processes for employees charging their vehicles at home. This innovative approach distributed the use of electricity across multiple sources, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Jarad Derochey, representing Flagler Duval, expressed profound satisfaction with the transition, stating, “The conversion to Tesla has been life-changing, and I would never go back to an old gas car.” He emphasized the convenience of charging at home, in the office, and utilizing the Supercharger network while on the road.

Scott Cloney, President of Flagler Duval, highlighted the remarkable capability of solar-powered charging, affirming that company vehicles can be charged solely from solar energy during peak hours, with batteries maintaining full capacity until evening.

Flagler Duval has successfully converted three vehicles to electric over the past 12 months and remains committed to expanding its electric fleet in the future. The company has forged a strategic partnership with USA Supercharge, Inc., leveraging its advanced technology in EV charger solutions.

USA Supercharge, Inc. is renowned for its comprehensive services, including installation, training, support, and the provision of superior hardware. Beyond facilitating corporate conversions to electric, USA Supercharge, Inc. also specializes in the installation of public chargers and superchargers at hotels, multifamily apartment buildings, and strategically located sites for driver convenience.

The first US Supercharger sites are set to launch in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, marking a significant milestone in the widespread adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure.

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