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Elie Douna Secures $800K funding to launch HomeBuildersReviews to Reform the Australian Construction Industry

Elie Douna

Elie Douna

HomeBuildersReviews, founded by Elie Douna, raises $800K. The platform offers trusted reviews of developers, aiming to improve Australia’s construction industry

We’re excited about HomeBuildersReviews, a platform to find reliable builders and suppliers. With verified reviews, we aim to improve standards and accountability in Australia’s construction industry”

— Elie Douna

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, June 7, 2024 / — HomeBuildersReviews, an innovative platform aimed at transforming the Australian construction industry, has successfully raised $800,000 in a seed round. This significant investment, sourced from a diverse group of family and friends, will support the development and launch of the site and app, scheduled for August.

Founded by Elie Douna, a seasoned developer with over 20 years of experience, HomeBuildersReviews addresses persistent issues in the Australian housing market, particularly the challenges of finding reliable and high-quality builders. The platform serves as a comprehensive directory of developers, builders, and suppliers, providing homeowners, renovators, and property developers with a reliable resource to find trustworthy professionals.

Douna, who has navigated the complexities of the construction industry for decades, understands the significant challenges in finding trustworthy and high-quality builders. “I created HomeBuildersReviews because I know the struggle of finding good quality builders,” Douna explained. “It’s not just about the financial investment; it’s about the emotional investment as well. Building or renovating a home is a deeply personal journey, and everyone deserves to work with professionals who respect that and deliver on their promises.”

Throughout his career, Douna has witnessed numerous projects derailed by subpar workmanship, missed deadlines, and budget overruns. One particularly troubling case involved a client who faced severe setbacks due to a builder’s substandard work and constant delays. This client was left with a half-finished home and a depleted budget, a scenario that is unfortunately all too common in the industry. “This story is one of many that inspired me to find a solution,” Douna noted.

HomeBuildersReviews is designed to address these issues by providing a platform where builders, developers, and suppliers are reviewed and rated. This transparency empowers homeowners and developers to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of costly mistakes. Douna’s own experience underscores the necessity of such a resource. Over the years, he built a network of trusted professionals through a painstaking process of trial and error, recommendations, and personal inspections. HomeBuildersReviews aims to streamline this process for others.

For regular home renovators, the platform offers a way to navigate the overwhelming number of available options. Without a reliable vetting method, renovators often take a leap of faith that can lead to disastrous results. HomeBuildersReviews allows them to browse a curated list of professionals, read reviews from past clients, and view examples of previous work. This level of transparency ensures that decisions are based on real, verified feedback rather than marketing claims.

Property investors, who face high stakes and narrow margins for error, will find the platform especially valuable. A single mistake in choosing the wrong contractor can set back a project by months and inflate costs exponentially. Having a reliable directory of reviewed and rated builders and suppliers allows developers to proceed with confidence, knowing they’ve chosen professionals with proven track records.

“The construction industry is plagued by a lack of accountability,” Douna pointed out. “Too often, builders who provide poor service continue operating without consequence. By creating a platform where their work is publicly reviewed, we’re holding these professionals to a higher standard. Builders who consistently deliver quality work will be rewarded with positive reviews and more business, while those who don’t will find it harder to secure new clients. This raises the overall quality of work in the industry.”

The $800,000 seed funding will be instrumental in finalising the development of both the website and the app, implementing a stringent review verification process, and launching a user-friendly interface. This financial backing underscores the confidence of investors in HomeBuildersReviews’ mission and potential to transform the industry.

Douna added, “We are incredibly grateful for the support from our family and friends. Their investment is not just in HomeBuildersReviews, but in a vision to elevate the standards of the construction industry. This funding will help us bring our platform to life and start making a difference.”

HomeBuildersReviews also focuses on suppliers, ensuring access to quality materials crucial for successful construction projects. By including suppliers in the directory, the platform enhances the quality and durability of final products.

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