Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Digital Beachhead Launches Affordable Cybersecurity Solution for Small Businesses

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Affordable Cybersecurity for any size organization at under $1 a day per endpoint

We understand the challenges faced by small businesses when it comes to cybersecurity.”

— CEO – Mike Crandall

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, USA, May 23, 2024 / — Digital Beachhead, a renowned leader in cybersecurity, has announced the launch of their latest offering – an affordable solution specifically designed for small businesses. This comprehensive solution provides 24/7 system monitoring, email security, cloud security, cyber awareness training, and browser security, all for under $1 a day per endpoint.

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Small businesses are often vulnerable to cybercriminals and cyber attacks due to limited resources and budget constraints. Recognizing this, Digital Beachhead has developed a solution that caters to the unique needs of small businesses. With their new offering, small businesses can now have access to top-notch cybersecurity measures at an affordable price.

The ultimate goal of Digital Beachhead’s affordable solution is to provide small businesses with the necessary tools to protect their sensitive data and systems from cyber threats. This includes round-the-clock monitoring to detect and prevent any potential attacks, secure email communication, and cloud security to safeguard data stored in the cloud. Additionally, the solution also includes cyber awareness training to educate employees on best practices for cybersecurity and browser security to prevent malicious attacks through web browsers.

“We understand the challenges faced by small businesses when it comes to cybersecurity. That’s why we have developed an affordable solution that provides comprehensive protection against cyber threats. Our goal is to empower small businesses to protect their valuable data and systems without breaking the bank,” said Mike Crandall, CEO of Digital Beachhead.

Digital Beachhead’s affordable cybersecurity solution is now available for small businesses looking to enhance their cybersecurity measures. With this new offering, small businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information is safe and secure. For more information, visit their website or contact their team for a personalized consultation.

Don’t let the cybercriminals win!

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