Thursday, June 13, 2024
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D|13 Integrated Sink System Featuring XLERATORsync® Celebrates Multiple Design and Sustainability Awards

D|13 Group

Winner of Architizer A+Awards

NATICK, MA, USA, June 5, 2024 / — D|13 Group is proud to announce that the D|13 Integrated Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync® with Electrostatic HEPA has received multiple prestigious awards this year, affirming its status as a leader in innovative, sustainable restroom solutions. This cutting-edge system was recognized at the 12th Annual Architizer A+Awards, the A’Design Award & Competition, and the SEAL Awards.

The D|13 Integrated Sink System was declared a winner in the Smart Design & Technology category at the Architizer A+Awards, which is renowned for celebrating the best in global architecture and product design. Additionally, the system was a finalist in the Flexible Design category. At the A’Design Award & Competition, it secured the Iron A’ Design Award, marking a significant achievement in design excellence. Moreover, it was honored with a SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Award, which celebrates leadership and substantial contributions to environmental sustainability.

Lance LaFave, Principal at D|13, commented on these achievements: “We are thrilled to be recognized by such esteemed organizations and to be a part of a global community that values design innovation and environmental stewardship. The D|13 Integrated Sink System with XLERATORsync was created to revolutionize hand hygiene with a focus on sustainability and user experience. These awards validate our commitment to creating products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s environmentally conscious market.”

The D|13 Sink System integrates touch-less, high-efficiency elements — soap dispenser, faucet, and XLERATORsync hand dryer — into one cohesive sink unit. This allows for a seamless and hygienic handwashing and drying process. Equipped with a state-of-the-art electrostatic HEPA filter, the XLERATORsync hand dryer is capable of eliminating 99.999% of viruses and 99.97% of bacteria, ensuring a safe and clean environment.
This system is designed with versatility in mind, offering a range of customizable options including various colors, materials, and additional features like baby changing units and built-in waste receptacles. Its innovative design not only enhances the aesthetic of any commercial restroom but also promotes a more hygienic and environmentally friendly usage.

As the world continues to emphasize sustainable and intelligent design, the D|13 Integrated Sink System sets the standard for future developments in commercial restroom solutions. D|13 is committed to continuing its leadership in designing products that contribute positively to building better, more sustainable environments.

About D|13 Group
D|13 Group excels in the design, manufacturing, and supply of high-end commercial restroom products. As a design-assist partner, they collaborate closely with the specifying community, fostering a culture of trust and partnership among their employees, suppliers, and clients. Their flagship offering, the D|13 Integrated Sink System (ISS) combines a soap dispenser, faucet, and XLERATORsync® hand dryer into one seamless, high-efficiency unit. This system enhances user convenience and allows for extensive customization, enabling architects and designers to redefine commercial restroom aesthetics.

Operating with a direct-to-customer business model, D|13 Group markets, sells, manufactures, and delivers their D|VERSE and D|COR ISS product lines to a diverse clientele, including architects, designers, MEP contractors, and facility managers. This approach disrupts traditional industry practices by removing unnecessary mark-ups and offering competitive pricing, comprehensive service, and support. This integrated approach ensures that customers enjoy a streamlined experience from specification through to delivery and beyond, redefining expectations for quality and functionality in commercial restrooms.

For more information, please contact:
Contact: John Freitas, General Manager, D|13 Group
Phone: 617-307-1159

John Freitas
D|13 Group
+1 617-307-1159