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Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan Goes Public: Fastexverse has Announced the Next Stage

North Avenue in Cerebrum Yerevan

North Avenue, Cerebrum Yerevan

Cerebrum Yerevan, North Avenue

Cerebrum offers an experience beyond reality. Here businesses can revolutionize their corporate landscapes reaping the benefits of virtual commerce.

YEREVAN, ARMENIA, March 6, 2024 / — The first stage of public sales is already successfully over, and Cerebrum is already inhabited by individuals and companies. Along with its expansion, the project will involve more and more businesses and participants. Cerebrum is a global mega-virtual project that was born in Yerevan but will soon expand and involve other countries and cities.

From now on each business or individual can get the best of both worlds. “Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan” offers a platform designed for those who aim to launch the virtual analog of their physical office/store, provide 24/7 customer support using avatar employees and artificial intelligence, and communicate with their customers, partners, and friends in new ways.

“Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan” recreates Yerevan in a three-dimensional virtual world. Here one can buy, customize, and utilize virtual spaces and marketplaces, making the buying and selling process smoother. Virtual commerce is a type of online shopping that uses virtual reality technology to create immersive, 3D shopping experiences for customers.

The project has united the newest virtual reality and artificial intelligence tools to provide the best results for digital marketing. Currently, the project offers spaces on Northern Avenue but it will soon expand, involving other streets of Yerevan. The platform will help you cover all your needs, from showcasing virtual tourism offerings to selling virtual real estate and properties.

Virtual e-commerce in Cerebrum offers multiple benefits to businesses and individuals, such as round-the-clock customer support, AI assistant services, global reach, and unique customer experiences.

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Cerebrum Virtual Yerevan