Monday, July 22, 2024
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Bond Tower, a plié in the urban landscape

Bond Tower, By OODA

Bond Tower, By OODA, Aerial View

Bond Tower, By OODA

Bond Tower, By OODA, Concept Model

Bond Tower, By OODA, City View

OODA’S new project in Tirana is over 50k sqm, designed become a icon, uniting residential, commercial, and hotel uses reflecting the city’s vibrant urban life.

More than just a building, Bound is a dance of connection and harmony, a gateway to new urban experiences, emerging as a living structure that embodies, cultural heritage and urban transformation.”


PORTO, PORTUGAL, July 11, 2024 / — The name “Bound” captures the essence of connection and unity. It represents the intertwining of two structures, forming the silhouette of two bodies coming together in a plié, adding a dynamic element to the urban landscape. It creates a cohesive union that is both functional and symbolic.

The elaborate patterns of the façade reference Albania’s rich textile heritage, integrating historical motifs with contemporary architecture. Bound reflects a concern for innovation and functionality. More than just a building, it is a dance of connection and harmony, a gateway to new urban experiences, emerging as a living structure that embodies connection, cultural heritage and urban transformation.

Located at the intersection of Dritan Hoxha Avenue, in the western part of Tirana, a development zone, this 50-floor tower is designed to become an icon of the development and modernization of the Albanian capital. The building unites residential, commercial, office and hotel space, reflecting the city’s vibrant urban life.

Facades have the power to represent, transform and reflect the history and culture of a society. Bound introduces a new elevation to Tirana, symbolizing progress and urban transformation. The parametric structure of the building reflects the traditional patterns of Albanian carpets, creating a unique texture on the facade.

Just as a dancer weaves precision into every movement, this building weaves history and culture into a tapestry that reflects the city’s evolving identity. Our approach provides a physical representation of Tirana’s evolving identity, bringing the influences of historical heritage into a dance with contemporary architectural practices.

Characterized by two interconnected volumes of different heights that meet in a plié in the urban landscape, creating a silhouette reminiscent of the grace of a ballet, the interplay of these forms avoids the creation of a massive urban volume, giving the building an elegant and iconic presence.

Inspired by the Albanian mountains, the public and green spaces integrated around the building are designed to encourage dialogue and enrich community life. The vegetation strategy mimics the natural gradation found in these mountains, with resilient plants on the higher levels reflecting the high-altitude flora, and varied plantings on the lower levels echoing the mountain valleys, providing a diverse and enriching experience with an interesting variety of textures and scents.

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