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Bond-Pro Introduces Bond Expedite™ Simplifying the Purchase of Surety Bonds

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The Leading Surety Software Platform Releases New Functionality That Removes Frustrations When Processing Surety Bonds

By listening to our clients and incorporating feedback, we’re continually committed to the ongoing development of functionality that provides our clients with significant competitive advantages.”

— Frederick Duguay, President & CEO of Bond-Pro.

TAMPA, FLOIRDA, USA, April 3, 2024 / — Bond-Pro, the leading Surety underwriting and issuance platform, announces the release of new functionality for their Carrier Edition software, utilized by Insurance Companies and Master General Underwriters. Bond Expedite™ eliminates the obstacles to quickly and easily issuing Surety Bonds. It significantly streamlines the entire bond purchase process and dramatically improves the overall experience for Insurance companies, their Agents, and Customers.

Today, acquiring a Surety Bond is a time consuming and cumbersome process. An insurance or Surety Agent sends a bond application via email to their Customer (also known as a Principal). The Principal must manually download, print, complete, sign, scan, and email it back to the Agent for processing. This entire onerous procedure must be repeated if errors are identified during review. Upon approval, the Agent sends an invoice to the Principal and manually collects payment. This inefficiency is especially arduous and costly when processing low premium, high volume, commercial bonds.

Bond-Pro’s Bond Expedite™ enables anyone to purchase Surety bonds quickly and easily.
• An Agent initiates the bond application process by selecting the appropriate bond product and entering basic information on behalf of the Principal.
• The Principal receives an e-mail notification and simply clicks a secure web URL link.
• The Principal is directed to a pre-filled application with the correct bond product selected.
• The Principal simply reviews/edits the application, submits it, and receives an instant decision.
• The Principal immediately receives a price quotation and pays online via credit card.
• Documents are instantly generated, signed, and downloaded securely by the Agent or Principal.
• The Agent is notified that the bond was successfully purchased.

Another unique feature of Bond Expedite™ is that Agents can opt to provide even greater value to their customers. When initiating a bond application, they can choose to handle steps in the process typically assigned to the principal. This includes completion of the application, accepting the quote, and submitting payment on behalf of their customer.

The benefits of Bond-Pro’s new Bond Expedite™ functionality include:
• Increased Surety premium revenue by making it easier for Agents and Principals to purchase bonds.
• Faster response time to customers and greater numbers of converted bond applications.
• Assurance that business is not lost to competitors.
• Elimination of Agent and Principal confusion and frustrations.

“Bond-Pro continues to reinvest in our software products and leads the Surety industry in technology innovation. By listening to our clients and incorporating feedback, we’re continually committed to the ongoing development of functionality that provides our clients with significant competitive advantages.”, said Frederick Duguay, President & CEO of Bond-Pro. “The new features released in Bond-Pro’s flagship Surety automation platform and our Multi-Channel Web Portal product deliver the functionality that finally solves this core problem faced by all Sureties. Without it, Agents lose control of the customer experience negatively impacting Surety bond close ratios.” 

About Bond-Pro

Bond-Pro™ is the leading developer of surety automation and management software. Bond-Pro products have been utilized by many insurance carriers and hundreds of insurance agencies worldwide for over 30 years. The software drives premium growth, improves underwriting efficiency, reduces costs, and mitigates risk. Bond-Pro’s products and services enable surety professionals to effectively manage the entire surety life cycle, including account and bond underwriting, scoring, rating, and decision making. For more information visit or call +1 (813) 413-7576.

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