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Blacks Buildings Honors Shed Haulers With Insightful New Video

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We are proud to have been a part of the recent Shed Haulers Bash 2024, where we were inspired to create this video as a tribute to the hard work and commitment of shed haulers across the country.”

— Matt Black, Blacks Buildings

LEBANON, TENNESSEE, USA, April 4, 2024 / — Blacks Buildings has recently released a video portraying the daily routine of a shed hauler. This insightful short film shows viewers the demanding yet important role these professionals play in our communities. This film premiered at the recent Shed Haulers Bash 2024, where Blacks Buildings served as a “big dog sponsor.”

The video opens at the breaking of dawn, capturing the essence of a day in the life of a shed hauler. From meticulously inspecting his truck, to ensuring the shed is securely in place, viewers are immersed in the hard work required for this occupation.

As the sun rises, the journey starts, revealing the labor involved in loading and transporting sheds across vast distances. The video shows the hauler loading the trailer, navigating the highways, maneuvering a “mule” with precision, and making sure the shed is properly supported and set up. It showcases the unwavering dedication of shed haulers in executing their responsibilities effectively.

Beyond the physical demands of the job, the video also captures moments of emotion and connection between the hustle and bustle of the day. As dusk settles and the workday draws to a close, viewers witness the heartwarming reunion of the shed hauler with his family, emphasizing the human element behind this demanding profession.

“The video is an authentic portrayal of the daily life of shed haulers. We see their hard work, dedication and perseverance,” remarked Matt Black, the owner of Blacks Buildings. “We are proud to have been a part of the recent Shed Haulers Bash 2024, where we were inspired to create this video as a tribute to the hard work and commitment of shed haulers across the country.”

The narrator in the video describes a shed hauler perfectly: “Who is a shed hauler? A shed hauler is a kind of person that would shuffle towards daylight in worn-out boots. Boots that had stories etched in every scuff. Battle hardened from endless days of moving blocks, shifting gears and chasing dreams. With their hands calloused, they smell of sweat and earth. Hitching their trailer and tightening down their next load. It leads them to the familiar sound of tread humming the song of the asphalt. Daylight reveals their face, weathered like an old leather saddle. Betrayed by the long hours of sleepless nights spent ensuring that everyone is cared for first, from their customers to their children. Sacrifice is his name. Hard work is his song. Through the wind and rain, scorching heat, or the biting cold, he never wavers. As each of you sit here today, you carry a legacy in your blood. You are part of a lineage of true grit and unwavering dedication to the job of shed hauling. A story of perseverance and accomplishment, a band of brothers. And all of us, the whole industry, the consumer base, say ‘Thank you!’ for your commitment.”

The film was produced by Blacks Buildings, written by Shed Geek Marketing and filmed by Parker Feazel and Shed Geek Marketing.

You may watch the video here:

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Matt Black at 615-587-0923.

About Blacks Buildings:
Blacks Buildings is a shed manufacturer located in Lebanon Tennessee. They offer a wide range of sheds, garages, barns and tiny homes. Rent-to-own and financing options are available as well as lifetime limited warranty on all their sheds.

About Shed Geek Marketing
Shed Geek Marketing is a company that offers marketing solutions to shed businesses including SEO, website design, film and photography, Meta ad campaigns, Google ad campaigns, logos and graphics, animation, and social media management. They also do a podcast available on Spotify and Youtube.

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The Shed Hauler – By Blacks Buildings