Monday, July 22, 2024
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Authorities Called To Investigate Activities Of Local Shed Manufacturer

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Blacks Buildings Tests Shed Durability with a Bang, Literally

We stand behind our products, they’re built on a strong foundation and that they’re gonna hold up to beating and the elements,”

— Matt Black, Blacks Buildings

LEBANON, TENNESSEE, USA, March 28, 2024 / — In an unprecedented test of durability, Blacks Buildings took product testing to explosive new heights. The company recently conducted a series of unconventional, yet highly revealing tests to see how a Blacks Buildings shed and a big box store shed will fare in the trials. The tests included the likes of baseball throwing, potato launchers, full-on tackles, baseball bats beatings, dragging, and a 20-pound Tannerite explosion.

The tests kicked off with the baseball test, where both sheds were thrown baseballs in full force to test their dent resistance. Following this, the potato launcher test saw the sheds withstand high-speed impacts that would mimic severe hail damage. The tackle test and baseball bat test on both sheds’ doors not only tested the security and structural integrity, but also the patience of the local police department. Officers arrived on the scene but were quickly reassured that all activities were safely conducted and with full neighborhood consent. After inspecting the location and making sure that safety measures are in place, the officers went on their way.

With the drag test, both sheds were hauled across rough terrain to test their durability against abrasion and dragging forces. And for the final test, a 20 lb Tannerite mix was used to blow up the sheds and test their ultimate breaking point.

Matt Black, the owner of Blacks Buildings, orchestrated these unconventional tests. “We stand behind our products, they’re built on a strong foundation and that they’re gonna hold up to beating and the elements,” said Black.

The results? While the big box shed caved early on, the Blacks Buildings shed survived all tests except the Tannerite explosion. This series of tests, albeit unorthodox, saw the comparison in quality and durability of the two sheds.

Watch the full video here:

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Blacks Buildings is a local shed manufacturer, headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee. They offer a wide range of sheds, garages, barns and tiny homes. They have rent-to-own and financing options, as well as lifetime limited warranty on all their sheds.

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20lb Tannerite Explosion in a Shed Vs. Shed Showdown