Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Amplifying Digital Presence in the Construction Industry – May 23, 2024

Round Up News Magazine

Round Up News Magazine

Peer-to-peer digital content sharing for construction and building professionals

SUNDRE, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 23, 2024 / — Since its establishment in 2003, Construction Links Network has emerged as a premier news and information hub in the construction sector. With a commitment to enhancing the digital presence and search engine visibility of its members, Construction Links Network has become an indispensable resource for a wide array of professionals. This includes construction managers, contractors, developers, building and property managers, architects, designers, engineers, and government officials.

As a dynamic hub for digital content dissemination, Construction Links Network offers its members diverse engagement opportunities through news releases, company announcements, blogs, podcasts, webinars, case studies, whitepapers, and videos.

Our featured video this week is courtesy of who discuss housekeeping on construction sites. Maintaining a clean construction site is essential for safety, efficiency, and overall project success. Effective housekeeping minimizes hazards, preventing accidents and injuries that can delay progress and increase costs. A tidy site enhances productivity by ensuring that tools and materials are easily accessible, reducing time wasted searching for necessary items. It also fosters a professional environment, demonstrating a commitment to quality and safety to clients and inspectors. Regularly removing debris, organizing materials, and ensuring clear walkways mitigate risks and contribute to smoother operations. By prioritizing cleanliness, construction teams can achieve higher standards of safety and efficiency, leading to successful project outcomes.

This week’s featured content includes a range of topical subjects:

ConTech: Latest Trends and Innovations – No. 58
• National Institute of Building Sciences Announces Digital Technology Council
• Thick skin syndrome: women in trades normalize microaggressions to be ‘one of the guys’
• Firmus Raises New Round of Financing for Pre-Construction AI Risk Management
• What is Canada’s potential capacity for housing construction?
• Canada GMS Expands with the Acquisition of Yvon Building Supply and Affiliates
• London Construction Awards: Submit your entry before June 7
• CxEnergy 2024 Fosters Innovation in Commissioning and Energy Management
• March Building Construction Investment Sees Significant Growth
• ISH China & CIHE 2024 concludes, promoting industry transition towards a low-carbon HVAC future
Why is Risk Assessment Important for Workplace Safety?
• Quiet Quitting
Mitigate Lead-Related Risks with Comprehensive Lead Surveys
• Webinar: Navigating the Present and Future of Architectural Design Collaboration
• Solving construction disputes with PIX4Dcloud Advanced
• Sterling’s Compact Capsule – The Perfect Solution For The Mid-Sized Truck
• OpenSpace BIM+ Brings Model Analysis to the Field for Polk Mechanical
• EllisDon Partners with J2 Innovations to Propel Smart Building Solutions
• Transforming Downtown Ottawa: Bold Plans Unveiled
• AI: The Road to Efficiency
• Construction Company and Director Fined $117,500 for Fatal Workplace Incident

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