Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Maintenance Matters 13 – Window and Door Replacement

Visit the Research Centre at BC Housing to get your free copy of Maintenance Matters 13 – Window and Door Replacement:

Windows and doors need ongoing maintenance to ensure good long-term performance. Aging appearance, rising energy costs and condensation are a few of the reasons to consider replacing your windows and doors.

Watch this video and read the publication to learn:

– How to select a replacement contractor

– How to take advantage of efficiency incentive programs

– How to improve natural ventilation provided by windows

– How windows can make your home more secure and keep noise out

– Will the replacement project fix water penetration problems?

– How disruptive will construction be?

– What to do if you have asbestos or lead paint

– Will the improved air tightness affect the potential for back-drafting and carbon monoxide risk in my home?

– With the improved air tightness affect condensation?

– How long with the replacement of doors and windows last?

– What maintenance is required for new windows and doors?

– What types of windows and doors are available?

– How can I choose products that meet energy efficiency standards?

– Answers to key questions before getting started

– Action plan tips

Courtesy of BC Housing Research Centre – see their Construction Links Network member profile here