Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Maintenance Matters 10 – At-Grade and Below-Grade Assemblies

Visit the Research Centre at BC Housing to get your free copy of Maintenance Matters 10 – At-Grade and Below-Grade Assemblies: https://goo.gl/S55FSm

Most multi-unit residential buildings today include multiple levels below ground level. These below-grade spaces are typically used for automobile and bicycle parking, storage, and mechanical and electrical rooms. Water ingress into below-grade spaces is one of the primary building performance issues. It can be a nuisance to occupants, and may result in damage to the reinforced concrete structure over the long term.

Watch this video and read the publication to learn:

– What are at-grade and below-grade assemblies

– Why must at-grade and below-grade assemblies be maintained?

– What maintenance must be performed?

– Renewal of waterproofing membranes

– Action plan tips

Courtesy of BC Housing Research Centre – see their Construction Links Network member profile here