Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Maintenance Matters 08 – Cladding

Visit the Research Centre at BC Housing to get your free copy of Maintenance Matters 08 – Cladding:

Preventative measures can help ensure the exterior cladding of your building stays in good shape. Cladding is the first line of defence in an exterior wall assembly. It’s critical for the protection of the building’s interior and an important part of the building’s appearance. This video helps you learn about cladding and when to call in professional assistance.

Watch this video and read the publication to learn:

– Types of cladding

– Why must cladding be maintained?

– Rain and water penetration control

– What maintenance must be performed?

– Checklist of common cladding maintenance items

– Renewal or replacement of the cladding

– Action plan tips

For additional resources visit:…

Courtesy of BC Housing Research Centre – see their Construction Links Network member profile here