Saturday, December 3, 2022
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iPad for Architects. Do you really need one?

Do you really need an iPad as an architect, an intern or student? See if any of the four use cases I came up with match yours. Having always sketched on paper + trace with a pencil and ink, a tablet never really appealed to me or seemed entirely useful. I just wasn’t sure how it would fit into my workflow. But, the Apple pencil and Procreate have changed my mind. The Apple pencil is what makes using the iPad such an irresistible experience for me. It bridges the divide between the analog and digital and when it’s so seamlessly integrated with an app like Procreate that you forget you’re not using the real thing, that’s a remarkable feat. It’s more than just a digital sketchbook though, the utility of the iPad extends far beyond that. In this video you’ll see all the ways I’m putting it to work in my residential architecture practice. It may just be the thing that helps you rekindle your love of hand sketching.

Courtesy of 30X40 Design Workshop