Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Invisible Enemy: Winning the Battle for Clean Air / Episode 1, Coronavirus

DO MASKS WORK? In this episode, indoor pollution expert Kae Shummoogum and industrial hygienist John Howey demonstrate what works about masks, and where masks are lacking, using a real world experiment. They also demonstrate something we can all do right now to protect the air around us from the coronavirus particles that cause disease.

Invisible Enemy: Winning the Battle for Clean Air Threats against our ability to breathe are all around us, but most of them we can’t even see. Invisible enemies that need to be defeated in order to preserve the simplest, yet most fundamental fuel humans require: oxygen. This multi-part series examines the most common threats to the air we breathe, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

This mini-documentary series is presented by Gasonic Group, your experts in monitoring and preventing indoor air pollution.

Courtesy of Gasonic Group – see their Construction Links Network member profile here