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Introducing Procore T&M Tickets

See the platform for yourself: https://proco.re/2RR8lYy Stop relying on pen, paper, and spreadsheets. Introducing, T&M Tickets with Procore. For out of scope work you can now document and track at-risk work, to protect your margins. Use Procore’s simple and intuitive mobile application to capture labor, equipment and material used in the field. With Procore T&M Tickets, you can consolidate your T&M process into a seamless field to office workflow that ensures you get paid. Twitter: http://proco.re/2rKTIH3 Instagram: https://proco.re/Instagram Subscribe: http://proco.re/2epAL7r Facebook: http://proco.re/2dVwqaH LinkedIn: http://proco.re/2t3ineB Website: http://proco.re/2rZTgZX