Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Inside the Most Expensive Home in the World | $301 Million French Chateau

Inside the Most Expensive Home in the World | $301 Million French Chateau Visit Our Website for More Luxury Architecture: Chateau Louis XIV, a Mega Mansion Outside Paris Named After the 17th Century French King, Has Broken the Record for the World’s Most Expensive Home After It Reportedly Sold for More Than $300 Million, Accoridng to Bloomberg, It Was Sold to a Middle Eastern Buyer, One Fact Was Missing: the Identity of That Buyer! At a Glance, the 54,000-square-foot Chateau That Serves as the Centerpiece of the 57-acre Property Might Look Like Something Out of 1800s France, but Actually It Was Built From the Ground Up in 2011. The Mansion is Built in the Style of a 17th-century Palace: Gold-plated Water Fountains and Marble Statues Outside, Grand Staircases and Elaborate Chandeliers Inside. The Goal in the Mansion’s Design Was to Combine the Look of an Authentic Versailles-era Castle With All the Modern Conveniences, Like a System That Lets Users Control the Mansion’s Many Devices, Fountains, Lights, and Thermostat With a Smartphone.